When Elena moves to a new school and meets a group of boys she's love struck by Luke Hemmings, the sweet/bad boy of the group. There's just one problem, how is she gonna fix his broken heart?

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1. prologue

Elena's POV

It's been two years since I moved to this school. My friend Becca introduced me to the boys. Ashton Irwin. Michael Clifford. Calum Hood. And Luke Hemmings

I was immediately love-struck by Luke. No words to describe him but perfect.

His pierced lip, his tattoos, his blonde hair, I love it all. His bad-ass perfection. He's perfect.

Now that I'm a senior I feel free to do anything anytime I like.

It's been going pretty well for me. Luke and I have grown closer and closer throughout the years.

The only thing bothering me is that Luke got a girlfriend about a year ago.... But she's cheating on him.... He doesn't know, I wanna tell him but I don't have the guts to break his heart.

It's just Becca and I who know. Her name is Amanda, she's about the prettiest girl on the school, and has the worst personality.

She's a complete bitch, she's such a slut.

The First time I saw her with Daryn (her other boyfriend) was after the homecoming last year. Michael and her were talking and then Michael went off to find his wallet he'd left inside the school. I was sitting on the top my car. I had decided not to go to the dance.

The guys and Becca wanted me to go but I gave the excuse of having to help my mom out with cleaning out the basement which wasn't completely a lie. Just the part that it would take the whole night. The real reason I didn't want to go was that I knew Luke would be going with Amanda, and not me...

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