When Elena moves to a new school and meets a group of boys she's love struck by Luke Hemmings, the sweet/bad boy of the group. There's just one problem, how is she gonna fix his broken heart?

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9. pregnant Amanda

Elena's POV

It's been two weeks since Luke and I had gone to woods and he asked me out. Around 3pm Monday Amanda called me and asked if she could speak to me in person. I didn't hold much of a grudge on her so I agreed to meet up.

When I went to the public library to meet her she was reading. If never seen her reading before on an actual book I always saw her reading on her phone. I walked over and sat across from her.

-Amanda "Hey, I-I first need to say sorry about being a total bitch to you for the past 2 years. And, and I don't know who else to go to b-but I'm so scared. I'm pregnant, gosh I'm so stupid. The night of the party Daryn and I were both really buzzed and he never put a condom on. I found out I was pregnant a few days ago. I was wondering if you could go to the pregnancy center with me. I'm 18 so I don't need an adult but I'm scared to go alone, and my "friends" ditched me after Luke and I split."

She'd been a bitch towards me alright but she had been nice half of the time, and I felt bad for her.

-Me "I'll go with you, and you can hang at my house when ever you want."

~fast forward to the pregnancy center~

While we were waiting for her check up I noticed Amanda was really shaken up about her pregnancy. I really felt bad for her. We chatted a while and I got to know her more. Deep down inside she's actually really nice, she says she loves kids and that's why she's planning on keeping the baby. She believes abortion is wrong.

It's was around 4:30 when Amanda and I went to inside the doctors office and she started her appointment.

An hour later the appointment was gone and the doctor had confirmed that she was 3 weeks pregnant.

-Amanda "How am I going to tell Daryn that I'm pregnant? I think he'll be mad, but I hope not.."

-Me "I think you'll be fine. Don't worry, you can tell him when your ready."

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