When Elena moves to a new school and meets a group of boys she's love struck by Luke Hemmings, the sweet/bad boy of the group. There's just one problem, how is she gonna fix his broken heart?

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12. passion

Elena's POV

It came the time that Luke and I were going to head to the theater to see fast and furious 7. I was excited to spend some time alone with him.

-Luke "It's nice to have some time with you, I love you . And I don't want anything to happen to you."

-Me "I love you too, and I always will." I gave him a peck on the lips and turned to see the movie starting. Half way through the movie Luke started to kiss my neck. It felt amazing, it was amazing. I kissed him back and bit his lip ring and he let out a moan of pleasure.

-Luke "You sure you're ready babe? I don't want you to do something that you don-" I shut him up in the middle of his sentence my placing my lips on his.

-Luke "So that's how you wanna play?" He grabbed me and flipped me to the bottom so he was on top of me. He started to kiss my neck and move down to my stomach, I let out a moan of pleasure as he sent goosebumps down my spine.

He quickly covered up the windows of the car and began to take my shirt off as I unbuckled his pants.

After we'd undressed and he grabbed a condom and slid it over his member and began to thrust in and out of me. It sent pain and pleasure all through me.

We decided it was time to rest when we were both soaking with sweat. He pulled pulled a blanket over us and kissed my forehead.

-Luke "I love you Elena Maria Williams."

-Me "I love you too Lucas Robert Hemmings."

I slowly drifted to sleep, lead by the most perfect night.

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