When Elena moves to a new school and meets a group of boys she's love struck by Luke Hemmings, the sweet/bad boy of the group. There's just one problem, how is she gonna fix his broken heart?

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15. fury in my skin

Luke's POV

Elena had called me up in tears... She didn't tell me why she was in tears and that's what frustrated me.

The second I walked into the parking( I hadn't brought my car cus I knew she had hers) I saw her door open and she was sitting on the edge of the seat.

-Me "Hey, babe, babe, stop crying what's wrong please tell me! Please I need to know so I can help you out."

-Elena "Luke, Luke, I-I need to just get out of this place right now. Can we head to Cal's granny flat?"

-Me "If we go will you tell me what's wrong please?"

-Elena "Y-yes..." She was hesitant.

The rest of the trip to Cal's granny flat was silent, she just sat there as still as a rock.

When I pulled into the driveway the boys were all out on the porch with concerned faces. I got out the car and opened Elena's side of the door. She said that she'd be fine, she began to wobbled and then her legs went weak and I had to catch her.

-Me "What is wrong with you I need to take you to a hospital don't I?"

-Elena "No Luke you can't... Please don't... It'll make this worse..."

-Me "The real question is make what worse..."

I carried her inside and up to the stairs, my mind was blank what could have happened to her? I took her to the quest bedroom to talk privately.

-Elena "Luke, I-I couldn't do anything!he tied me to my own seat of my car! He-he... He raped me."

-Me "WHO IS HE."

-Elena "....Daryn..."

I was furious! I needed to punch the shit out of him, I stormed out the room and headed down the stairs. Elena did her best to run after me, and grasped my arm.

-Elena "Luke no! Don't make this worse for the both of us! Just leave him alone! I don't want you to be near him!"

-Me "How am I suppose to cope with the fact that Daryn RAPED you!!"

The boys all said in unison "What?!?"

-Me "Babe, we're gonna get through this together, could you become pregnant?"

-Elena "No, I saw him put a condom on..."

I looked down at her jeans, how hadn't I noticed before, she was soak in blood... Her own blood.

-Me "Can I at least take you to a hospital to get you a vaginal check up?"

-Elena "That'll be fine."

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