When Elena moves to a new school and meets a group of boys she's love struck by Luke Hemmings, the sweet/bad boy of the group. There's just one problem, how is she gonna fix his broken heart?

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2. cry out

Elena's POV

It's been a year since the night Becca and I saw Amanda hook-up with Daryn. It's so hard keeping it a secret. It's the night before Halloween and I've been invited by Luke to go to Amanda's Halloween party, she only tolerates Luke's friends because she's dating him. Or else she wouldn't have let the Becca, the boys, and I go.

I figured that since it's a Halloween party that I could go as Harley Quinn, her most recent costume from Arkam knight. Becca said the buys were going to be a group of punk vampires. She was going to be a a sexy little red riding hood. I had no idea what Amanda was going to cook up behind the curtains, but for the past years she's always been some kind of slutty cheerleader or animal.

It's thursday and it's the beginning of the school day. I was heading towards the door when Luke popped out of no where and stopped me in my tracks.

-Luke "Where do you think your going?"

-Me "Class?"

-Luke "No your not, your coming with me to meet up with Becca, Ashton, Cal, and Michael at the plaza. After that we are gonna head out to Cal's granny flat."

-Me "But wha--"

Before I could finish what I was gonna say Luke grabbed my hand and pulled me out the schools front doors into the parking lot.

-Me "As I was going to say... But what about Amanda?"

-Luke "she's too busy with her friends."

As soon as he said that I could see the hurt in his eyes. His smile faded slowly to a slight curve.i wondered if something was going on between the two of them.

Luke walked me to his car and open the door for me. I hopped inside and buckled myself up and started just get into a relax mood when Luke just broke down.

-Luke "She...she's kind of ignoring me right now"

-Me " Amanda? Why would she be ignoring you did something happen?"

-Luke "She got pissed because I was trying to talk to her was talking to Lizz. I don't understand I was gonna ask if she wanted to join us, then she just snapped."

-Me "It's not your fault. Maybe she's just on her period!"

Luke gave the sweetest chuckled, he immediately looked happier, I love it when he's happy.

-Luke "Your right maybe her period's making her act bitchy. I shouldn't be worrying about a stupid thing like that. Thanks means a lot"

He gave me a friendly kiss on the forehead and turned the car on.

~fast forward to the plaza~

We pulled up in the parking lot and walked up to where the others were at. We did our usual greetings and headed into the mall. First store we all went to was Hot-Topic, my favorite store. I was lucky I have brought my wallet so I could by some clothes. First thing I bought was an All Time Low t-shirt, my favorite. I bought some black skinny jeans also cus mines were worn down.

-Luke "Nice choice, wanna eat in a few?"

-Me "Yeh, I'd love that, my stomach's eating my other organs."

Luke did this beautiful chuckle that made my legs break. How could someone so perfect day someone like Amanda.

After I bought all my stuff I went to where all the foods were at. The others were still in the store buying stuff so we said we'd meet up with them in a few.

I bought a steak and cheese hoagie from Charlie's and Luke got the same and bought a side of fries to share.

-Luke "So, quick question. What do you think of Amanda?"

-Me "To be honest, she's can be real stubborn sometimes, no a lot, but that doesn't mean she's all bad."Deep down inside I wanted to say the truth about her but then I didn't want to ruin the moment. Or us.

-Luke "True, she can. Shes just been acting a little weird for the past weeks. And I don't think it's feminine problems." He smiled when he said that, it was glorious and I loved his humor.

-Me "Yeh, I wouldn't worry to much right now, have fun! The only thing I can think of is probably going to sound weird, but umm... Do you wanna hear it?"

-Luke "Yeh, tell me what's on your mind."

-Me "Welll...could she be pregnant, I'm not saying that she is it's just a possibility! I mean if you guys are active?"

-Luke " We haven't even had sex before, so honestly I don't think it's that, but thanks for the thought."

Soon later we went to all the shops and left.

~fast foward to Cal's granny-flat~

We had stopped to go to a grocery store before to by foodstuffs, then we headed to Cal's place.

-Ashton "So hamburger of hot dog?"

-Me "I'll have a hamburger, and I bought drinks for us all!"

-Cal "Is it the kind I think it is?"

-Me "If you mean brandy and liqueur than yes!"

By the time it was 10 everybody except Luke and I had past out. Luke was completely buzzed while on the other hand I was only tingling cus i only had one cup of brandy. I saved the rest for the others.

-Luke "Hey, you know what?"

-Me "What?"

-Luke "Have you ever thought that Becca had a crush on Ashton? Seems like she could, they'd be cute together. Ugh, I'm drunk aren't I."

-Me "Yup, you should get some rest I'll get you a blanket."

-Luke "Oh, ok. Quick question, have you ever seen anything suspicious going on between Amanda and Daryn?"

-Me "To be honest, I think you are just worrying your drunk anyway, you shouldn't worry about it, okay?"

-Luke "Your right, I shouldn't I'm dru--"

He past out in the middle of what he was saying. Adorable I could say. I headed out to get a blanket, for everyone. It was amazing how much they all mean to me, my best-friends. I love them all.

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