When Elena moves to a new school and meets a group of boys she's love struck by Luke Hemmings, the sweet/bad boy of the group. There's just one problem, how is she gonna fix his broken heart?

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13. alive

Elena's POV

The next day Amanda wanted me to meet her at a cafe later after school. I met up with her after school. The school day had been a complete blur, i met with Luke at lunch and we went out to eat for the free hour it was lovely.

By the end of the day I was really tired but I'd promised to meet up with Amanda at the cafe. When I arrived she had bought two coffees one with my name on it and one with her own.

-Amanda "I appreciate you giving your time to help me out even though I brought myself into it."

-Me "I'm glad to help, I've broken the grudge." We giggled and she began to say how she was torn between an abortion and life. She said she was heading towards keeping the baby more, but she didn't know how her parents would react.

-Amanda "I-I told Daryn, I expected him to be really mad but he was actually happy, I would've never thought he'd react that way. I think he'll be a great father." Little did she know what Daryn had tried to attempt on me...

-Me "He doesn't seem the most mature, but there's hope for him to straighten up." She nodded in agreement and we carried on with the pregnancy conversation. She was really happy to be pregnant, she was taking in the best way possible. By the time she'd have the baby we'd have graduated already. But she'd still have a belly near the end of the school year so there was no way of hiding it.

I knew that she'd start to show in a few months so I suggested she'd buy "cover-up" clothes...

By the end of the day I'd gone home already and the second I went up to my room I pasted out on my bed. I'd been exhausted. From yesterday and today...

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