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"I guess you could call this broken boy meets broken girl." He said with a small smile. I bit my lip. "But this time, only this time, two wrongs make it right."��


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Kat's P.O.V
     The lights in the empty hallway glistened, reflected off the small lockers. My boots scratched against the cold tile floor, my books in the grip of my hand. I looked at the list of classes that my mom gave to me, still having an inky-type smell from the printer. "Room 401." I whispered to myself, looking up and down the closed doors. The silence was scary, every step I made taking a squeak from the soles of my shoes. My eyes glanced at every room number, seeing that I was in the 300's still. I finally reached it. 401 was carved into a piece of stone, which was hanging next to the door. I gulped. "Here we go." I mumbled, biting my lip. I twisted the handle on the door, which let out a huge creak. The teacher, who was an older woman, gave me a glare. Before I knew it, the whole class had all eyes on me. "You must be Katherine Martinez." She snarled, as I pushed a strand of hair of my face. "Yeah, you can call me Kat." She rolled her eyes. "And you can call me Diane. You have one name and I'm calling you that. Take a seat, Katherine." I took a harder grip at my lip. "Where do I sit, Mrs.-" She cut me off. "Ms. Pierlott. MS." She pointed to a chair in the back of the classroom, and was also in the corner. "Take a seat next to Mr. Clifford, please." She spat, as I just shook my head. I walked across the front of the room, getting stares from everyone. In the seat next to mine sat a boy, blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. I set the books on the desk and slouched in my chair. "Sorry class for that major interruption." I let out a mumbled groan under my breath. "Open your books to page 23, please." Ms. Pierlott barked as I grabbed the small book on my desk. It was some boring vocabulary book, and it was a bunch of words I already knew. "Please review your words, and if I hear one word, it's off to flood's office you go!' She growled as I just gravitated my eyes down to the book. I was probably on the word "aberration" until I felt a tap on my foot. I looked up and saw the Clifford boy gazing at me with a smile. "You seem cool." He snorted as I rolled my eyes. "Shut up, please." I sighed as he flashed a bigger smile than the first one. "It's cool to see another person who dyes their hair." He whispered, as I moved a strand of my blue hair out of my face. "It's a hobby." I murmured as a boy across the room was giving us stares. "Who the hell is that?" I asked him, pointing at him from under the desk. "That's Luke. You'll meet him later." I rolled my eyes. "Yay, more people." Ms. Pierlott looked up from her laptop. "That's strike one, Clifford." She growled as he waved goodbye to me as I gazed back down to the book. I already hated this school already, and I've only been in Australia for 1 week. Today was already going great.

*skip to period before lunch*
       Before I continue, let me introduce myself. My name is Kat Martinez. I have blue hair and hazel eyes. I guess I have a pretty slim figure, but that's a whole other story. I used to live in Texas with my perfectly happy family, but that was all until the incident happened. My mom caught my dad in bed with another chick and moved her and myself to another country. We could have moved to England or France or Tokyo, but of course Australia was the only place my mom could find a job that "met her standards." I'm in my senior year of high school, and I have low expectations. Okay, now continue.

I tapped my pencil on the edge of my desk, waiting for the bell to finally ring. People have been giving me dirty looks all day, and teachers really don't like me. It's probably because of my look. I wear band shirts and ripped skinny jeans, and in my book that's normal. It's probably my hair that sets the "crazy emo freak" tone. The girl infront of me turned around. "I like your hair." She said with a smile. "Thanks." I stroked my hand through it to add effect, and maybe she would stop talking to me. I was wrong. "Are you new here? I've never seen you around." She scanned my body and I put my pencil back in the case. "Yeah. It's my first day." 30 seconds until I could go to lunch. Finally. "You should sit with my friends and I at lunch." I nodded and the bell rang. "Okay! My name is Gab by the way!" She yelled as I marched to my locker and threw my books in. I grabbed my small bagged lunch and started to make my way down the hall. Until I felt a hand on my back. I turned around and saw a boy towering over me, and behind him was Michael and two other guys. They were all taller than me, and the one who was touching me was death staring me. "Who are you?" I asked as he slightly pushed me against the locker. "Hemmings. Luke Hemmings." I gulped. "And what do you want?" I asked, voice starting to shake. "Just want you to know that I'm the most popular in this school and you'll never beat me at that. I tell all the newbies this, so listen up. Stay out of my way, and I'll leave you alone. Got it." He let me go off the locker and started to walk away. "Maybe I don't want to." I snarled as he turned back around, the other boys still following. "Then some things will happen." He growled, slamming my body against the locker. "I'm not like one of your puny little freshman that will listen to you. So just leave me alone." I spat out as his eyes raged. "You're feisty, aren't you?" He asked as I nodded. "Very." He gave me one last glare and decided to leave. "Just stay away from me." I mumbled as he was already up the hallway. The whole grade just saw me get "corrected" or whatever by the school's popular princess. I just slowly walked the hallway earning more dirty glares. I made my way into the girls bathroom and decided to have my lunch in there, even though I got a request to sit Gab or whoever at lunch. Or was it Gianna? I sat in the cold stall alone, already knowing it was going to be a long year.

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