The Golden Triangle

Me and 2 of my friends made a band 'The Golden Triangle' Over the next few weeks I will be writing a sort of diary based thing on our progress. GOLDEN TRIANGLE CONFIRMED!!!


3. Update!!!

Hey guys! I have been working on a song for TGT! Once I get 1k reads I think we'll start putting the songs on youtube!!! OMG, so exciting! Anyway, tell me what you think. It's only a few lines btw.


Right now, By TGT

Right now, tell me who ya lookin' for

Right now, tell me what ya standin' for

Your old bestfriend?

Your ex-girlfriend?

All of this

Proves to me

Your not the friend I thought you'd be.


I'll add a new chapter for song updates, tell me what you think and what I should add!

Over and out!

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