The Golden Triangle

Me and 2 of my friends made a band 'The Golden Triangle' Over the next few weeks I will be writing a sort of diary based thing on our progress. GOLDEN TRIANGLE CONFIRMED!!!


2. Song 1

Hey guys, sorry for the long wait. This is a song we did for our school project. Enjoy!


When I see the light come through

I don't know what to think or say

I just walk towards it and  say

Thank you, Thank you

There's nothing more to say here

Thank you, Thank you

There's no more room to think here

The light will be our guide today

Everyday and everyway

We will survive

In this city of the dead

We fight for survival

We don't know where to sleep or stay

We don't know how to fight our way

To victory up top

When we kill them all one day

We will stand our ground that day

And take back our world from them

The world in which we live to fight


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