Local Savage

Laylah is a normal girl.Until she meets the boy that her fruend warned her about he seems so nice though.People warn her but will she listen.Will she fall or make him fall will they get in to deep problems that may cause death? Or will his enemies cause worse problems?


6. Chapter

We walk downstairs "All done with the tour!".Michael announces "We are done packing lets go to Felix's place!".We take off back I stared out the window.Do I really like Felix? Or do I like Michael? Why did I have to get in this mess? We had pulled up in the alley.I get out "Let's get these in!".I go to the door and it immediately opens and I am pulled in then it is slammed close "Go to your room don't come down or everyone dies!".I nod and run up to my room. Zayn was acting weird. I got to my room and say on my bed and someone sat next to me. I looked up it was Harry! I hug him "Harry I missed you!". He smiles and hugs back "I did too!".I smile "Your hairier!".I giggle he laughs "Shut up!". I sat there and heard screaming. I bite my lip "I'm not going down if he kills them I kill my self. I walk out with Harry behind me "Felix stop if you kill them I kill me and stop fighting!".I groan you guys why do you hate each other?". Zany takes my hand "You were exposed to wait in your room!".I growl "try me and I tell them who you are!".He lets go "Thank you!".Michael grabs me "Let's go!".I look at him "Try me and I kill my self!".He lets go "Thanks now tell me why you hate each other?". They look at each other "a girl".I sit down "Boys really are stupid!".I look at him "this girl must had been pretty special!".He nods "It is you!". I frown "Well stop fighting over me because of you do my life isn't that important to me!". They growl "He wants you that means we need you!". I laugh and run and grab the gun "Then why not kill myself?". I point it to my head.Zayn runs and smacks it making me fall. I roll my eyes. He picks me up "Harry take her!". Harry grab me and puts me over his shoulder. I watch the boys discuss "If ether of you die I promise to kill the other one then myself!".I smile "I'm crazy like that!". Harry puts me down in my room. He stood my the door."Let me out!".He shakes his head. I slowly unbutton my shirt and he bites his lip.I twirl his hair "please!".He looks away "No!".I kiss his cheek "Please!".I say pleading.He lets me go.I button my shirt as I run downstairs. I quietly sit down on the couch as I listen to them fight.Then Michael says "Then pull the trigger on me!".I twirl a pen "Yeah Felix do it and watch who disappears! You will never have my trust or my life let them be Michael stop pushing and leave!".He growls "No!".I get up "Leave!".He shakes his head. I shake my head "Go Michael or I will never plan to see you again!".He growls "Fine but you visit or call every day!".I nod "ok!".

I notice in chapter 4 when it was published it deleted half of it they go on a picnic and get to know each other and Felix takes her to a party! For a mission! Sorry for a short chapter😘love ya follow me on Twitter @Villagomezlily

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