Local Savage

Laylah is a normal girl.Until she meets the boy that her fruend warned her about he seems so nice though.People warn her but will she listen.Will she fall or make him fall will they get in to deep problems that may cause death? Or will his enemies cause worse problems?


5. chapter 5

We were at a big beautiful mansion.Their were lots of small houses around it.Other people were here too.Felix takes my small hand in is huge hand.We walked up to the door.2 men open the bug doors.We walked in to a house full of people dancing and talking.I smiled and leaned my head on Felix's shoulder "This is amazing!".He nods "Its beautiful but not as much as you!".I smile.If he wasnt bad he would be perfect! I was smiling the whole time he introduced me to all of his friends.I loved it.Then I heard my favirote Ed Sheeran song.Photograph."Care to dance?".Felix says as he sees my fave light up.I nod "Sure!".We danced slowley and were smiling while starring into each others eyes.I loved his eyes.He seemed to love me though.It was midnight.He saw me getting tired. I was yawning and he smiled and whispered in my ear. "Want to go home I will drop you off at your place!".I nod "Yeah that wpuld be nice!".He smiles and takes me and I lean on his chest as we walk out to the limo.We were driving.Does Felix really like me? He seems alot like my old friend? His name was Zayn.I look up at Felix who stared at my eyes "Is your real name Zayn?".

Felix's pov

Who told her? I look up coldly."What do you know about this Zayn?".She sits up "He was my friend when we were kids! We would hang out with Niall,Harry,Liam, and bug Louis!".I smiles weakly "Yes I am but dont tell anyone!".She smiles "Do you still know them?".I nod "They are away on a mission!".she smiles "So I will meet them again!".I shrug "I dont know yet they might die on the mission!".She gulps "Oh".I nod"Harry should be first to come back!".She nods "Young Haz!".I chuckles"Yeah oh and were here!".She smiles and kisses my cheek."I had fun and it wasnt fake it was real fun!".I smile "I did too!".I waves "Love you!".She smiles "Love you!".

Laylahs pov

I walk up to my house as the limo pulls away.I open the door.I see Michael, Ashton, Calum, Luke, Hayes, and Nash.They sat in front of the tv. Nun of them noticed me as I shut the door. I step on the first step and it creaks.The noise stops it was completely silent.I looked back and everyone stared at me.I smiled and waved.Nash runs over "OMG I thought I lost you forever!".I smile "I went to uh..a friends for a bit!".He nods and kisses my forehead.He was not letting me go."Nash I am tired if you havent noticed I am wearing a dress and heels.He smiles "You went to prom?".I laugh "No silly I went to a formal party with my friend!"He smiles "He must be some friend?".I nod "He had a limo and bought me this beautiful dress it was amazing!".He hugs me "That sounds amazing as long as you had fun!".I nod "I did like best moment in life except meeting my friend back when I was 10 and 13!".He smiles and kisses my forehead "Goodnight!".I smile "Night Nash!".I walk up to my room.I take my dress off and put black leggings and a thuglife sweater. I sat down on my bed.I sighed "I cant wait!".I lay down.Then my door creaks open with a knock.I saw Ashton appear."Hello Ash!".He comes up and sits on my bed."Can I like sleep with you there is no room downstairs!".I nod "Sure!".I was used to Ash sleeping next to me.He laid next to me and whispered in my ear "Do you like Felix instead of pretending like you do now?".I shrug "Honestly Ash I have no idea no more!".He nods and pulls me to him "If he hurts you I will hurt him!".I nod "Youll be the first to know!".He kisses my forehead "Goodnight!".I repeat it and fall asleep next to Ashton.

*Next morning*

I woke up to a big bang.I groan and see Ashton had left.I get up.He wasnt in my room.I put on black skinnies and a white collared, sleevless, flannel.Then I put my hair to the side.Then put a snapback on.I walked downstairs. I see Michael downstairs.I groan ad go in the living room.Calum was on the couch.Luke was in the chair.Michael had blankets spread across the floor and Ashton was no where.I go outside in the back.I climbed the tree and sat up in the tree starting at the houses around me. I sigh and climb down.I walk inside the boys were up."Hey Laylah!".I smile "Hey!".I go to the kitchen and get some tea."So you guys just stayed here or do you like have a house?".They nod "We stayed here for a night well be going to Michaels place today!".Calum tells me while the others nod.I nod "Oh well Michael you have 4 hours!".Michael widdens his eyes "Calum luke Ashton we have to go now!".He says then rolls his eyes "We got to go to my place".I smile "Go along now!".He laughs "Awe your coming with!".I roll my eyes "fine well lets go!".I walk outside with the boys behind."I call shot gun no way am I going to sit squished with sweaty boys!".I walk to the door open it and get in.I close the door and lock it so no one could get me out of shotgun.The boys get in and immediatly All Time Low comes on. I wanted to sing along as loud as I could but my brain was like Nope dont do it then michael will get all lovey! Ashton taps my shoulder "Whats wrong this is like your favirote song you used to sing as loud as you could to this song!".I noticed it was my favirote song 'Love like war'. I shrug "I guess I am not in the mood?".He smiles "I know!".He pushes aux and grabs the cord.He taps his phone and I hear a tune I hear everytime I am mad or sad.'New perspective'. "Theres a haze above my tv, that changes everything I see , and maybe if I countinue watching Ill lose the traits that worry me! Can we fast forward to come down on me? Stop there and let me correct it I want to live a life by a new perspective! You come along be cause I love your taste and Ill admire your exspensive taste!".I sing and the boys smile "Good taste in music!".Michael says.I look out the window "I guess?".Ashton giggles and presses his phone again then my playlist comes on."Ashton!".He smiles "Opps how did that happen?".I groan "I didnt want anyone hearing my playlist!".Luke acts like he has a gutair and Ash was on the drums as Im Not Okay from My Chemical Romance comes on. I hum along.I get a text "Hey Baby when you coming back?".I text him "I went with Ashton to get the explosives he has 3 hours!".I get a text back "Right love you!".I text back "Love you see you later!". I roll my eyes and put my phone in my pocket."Where here!".We pull up to a decent house it was green.I smiled "This is actually a nice looking house!".He nods "I like it too!". We walk inside.It was nice and clean not what i expecting.He smiles "Downstairs boys I will show Lily a tour!". He takes my hand and walks me to a hallway.These are the rooms.Thats Ashton,Mine,Calums,Luke,and Yours!".I smile "Its pretty cool!".He nods "Your staying with us I dont want Felix to touch you again!".I freeze "I told him I would be back soon with the explosives please I dont want my family or friend hurt!".I look at him with worry tears brimmed my eyes darrin to come out.He shakes his head "well send them back to America and keep them safe there!"I shake my head "Cant you see Felix eye on me everywhere he knew I went with you to get the boys and everything!". He shakes his head "Youll be safe!".I shake my head "No I wont!".He crashes his lips on miine! I widden my eyes and pull away "Michael!".He smirks "Calm down Lily We will handle this!".I shake my head "I just got new friends and know your going to get them killed!".He shakes his head and grabs my hand which makes my head go up to look at him "I wont let anyone hurt you Lily!".I bite my lip "You promise?".He nods "I promise!".I hug him "You may be a dick sometimes but dont you dare leave me clifford or Ill be the one killing you!".He chuckles a bit.

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