Local Savage

Laylah is a normal girl.Until she meets the boy that her fruend warned her about he seems so nice though.People warn her but will she listen.Will she fall or make him fall will they get in to deep problems that may cause death? Or will his enemies cause worse problems?


4. chapter 4

I sigh and look at Ashton "We will never talk of this ever!"He nods "Better get home!"I nod "I am going!".I walk back and see Felix let Michael go he had 48 hours till he had to be back witht the explosives they had the timer on the wall set."Baby I am home!"He smiles "Good you know were your room is so yeah!" I nod "Love you".He smiles and kisses me pulling my lip I open my mouth him sliping his toungue in amd we explored each others mouth.I pull away breathing heavily "to be countinued I am tired baby!" He nods "To be continued". I jog upstairs and clean my toungue with water.I go in the bathoom with shorts and a long shirt.I walk in and brush my teeth and gurgle mouthwash.I clean the makeup off my face.I walk and sit myself down in bed. I lay down thinking of Felix and how he kind of made me feel safe.Michael and how he loves me and how he will protect me no matter what.Ashton and the kiss and how how he was my first boyfriend! I smile at that thought He awlays was protected I always felt the spark. He said the spark went away and that he lost intrest in me.I sigh and fall asleep into my dream of thoughts.


I wake to a big boom like a gun shot.I lock my door and change.I put on black leggings and a muscle tee that said "Boys are the worse".I put my black vans on with aqua blue shoelaces. I straightened my hair and put it down with mascara and eyeliner on.I put dark red lipstick on. I put 2 gold bracelets on that said "Laylah "and "Friend".I got them from Ashton wen he said we cant date but we can be friends.I sigh and unlock the door.I sit on my bed and take my computer out.Felix had been on it and connected it to the wifi.I open up netflix.I start watching Vampire Diaries.I had a huge crush on Damon,Stefan,Elija,and Klaus! I smile when they came on the screen. Certain parts of the show made me cry and laugh.I finish a season and walk to my mirrror and fixed my makeup from crying.I walk out and downstairs and see Felix "Hey Felix I am going to Starbucks then to work!" He nods "Call me baby or something couply."He whins I giggle "Bye Baby!"He smiles "Bye babe!".I walk out and walk out and to Starbucks.I get there and order a lattee.I walk out and to my new work at Forever 21.I go to the back and l put my stuff on and finish my lattee. I walk out and check in. I start fixing the clothes up when I feel a hand on my shoulder.I turn "Hey Shaffor!"He smiles "Hey Laylah!" I turn back and finish the clothes. "So later when your shift is off want to go to maybe get some ice cream?".I shrug "Sure thing!".He smiles widely "Really that's great thanks!".I chuckle "ok your Welcome!".He smiles and walks away.When I finished I packed up with Shaffor. He walked me to his light blue Subaru. He had some band on they were really good. "So lily I want to get to know you!".I smile "Well I am Lily Grier! I am 19 and well

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