Local Savage

Laylah is a normal girl.Until she meets the boy that her fruend warned her about he seems so nice though.People warn her but will she listen.Will she fall or make him fall will they get in to deep problems that may cause death? Or will his enemies cause worse problems?


3. chapter 3 mission

Felix walks me to my house.I walk inside never giving him a glance like I did to Michael."So wheres Michael?"My brother asks "He dosent like me no more so I gave up and yeah that happened I think I got hit on the head when i said he was hot!"I chuckle.Hayes pulls me in a huge hug."Nash will be here soon so yeah"I smile "The new whole Grier family will be here yay!"He chuckles "Yep"I walk to my room and I feel the cold draft.I notice my window was still open so I close it."Bad Idea I havent even gotten out and through the front door yet!"I look behind me and Nash stood there.I rapped my arms around him."Nash"He smiles "Laylah!"He mocks me.I chuckle."So anyone speacil?"He riggles his black eyevrows.Making his blue eyes pop out.I smile "No one"I smile.He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder."Nash!"I scream "Your coming with me you little princess!"I giggle "Im not your princess leave me alone!"He smiles "Ashton got to call you that though?"I smile at that name then I frown "Thats in the past lets leave it there!"He smiles."Go get some rest then in the morning Starbucks and shopping!"I smile "Plan!"I run upstairs almost tripping.I get to my room and change falling asleep.I smile.

Next morning-------

"Wake up!"Nash calls I flutter my eyes open yawning.I smile "Ok"I get up.I push him out.he chuckles."Cant hide for long!"I smile "I know"I grab grey leggings and a wite shirt with a red plaid flannel over it.I but my combat boots on to.I brush my hair.It was nautrally straight so no worry.I put grabbed my coat and money and stuffed it in my shoulder bag. I run downstairs "Ready to go!"He laughs "Breakfest first!"I take an apple and a pancake.I eat them quicky.I look at Nash and he is laughing "Slow down next time we have all day!"I chuckle "Sorry".He holds his keys up "Lets go" We walk to the car and I jump in.I grab the aux cord.I plug my phone in.I put on Fetty wap as we drive to the mall.We get there and I get out.I twirl."Yeah"He chuckles "Excited?"I smile "Yesterday was my frist fay out after mom and dads death and lets just say I meet people and I have an interesting job now!"He smiles "When do you start?"I shrug "He hasnt told me"Nash nods.We walk in "Where to first?"I look around "Hollister"we both say.I walk in we both go in the girl side.He pulls out a cute dress and I pull out a cute shirt."Buy"We both say and we buy them then we go to the boys side and buy nash an outfit. We walk out and get a starbucks lattee.We sit down at a table.I look around and I catch eyes starring at me.I look closer it was Michael.I looked at Nash can we uh go I....uh.....my stomach hurts?"He chuckles "See someone?"I nod "Introduce me!"I shake my head "Never"He smiles.I look over and Michaels coming my way."Uh can you get me a subway I am hungry?"He nods and gets up and goes to get me a snadwhich.Michael come snit long after and stole Nash's spot.I put my left hand up and lay my jaw in it."Hi Michael"He smiles then frowns "Hey.....You joined......their.....gang?"I nod.He squized his fist "Why?"I look at him "He said he would leave my brothers and friends alone I had no choice you hate me and I dint want to see my brothers and only friend get hurt!"I tell him.He looks at me "I never said I hated you I was just angry last night"He said putting his hand on mine."Michael I am sorry"He chuckles "For what?"I chuckle "For makin you leave,Now leave my brother is coming!"He chuckles "Intorduce me!"I nod let him sit down.Michael pulls up a chair for hinself."Nash"I call to him as he gets here."Is this why you wanted to leave?"I nod "We sorted it out and well this is Michael!"I tell him."Vas Happening!"I chuckle "Ashtons friend said that a lot so did felix's? "Michael this is Nash my oldest brother you kind of met heyes yesterday!"He nods."Nash he is my friend and only a friend.I put my arms down and turn them and I run my finger over my tattoo."When did you get that and what does it mean?"I look at Nash.Then at Michael "Its uhh my work tat and I got it last night!"He looks at me "We should get an infinity sign for us 3 Then you can put Hayes and Nash on top and bottom then mine Hayes and you so it means love forever."I smile "Sure".I look at Michael "You guys should get to know each other I have to get a application to another job!"Nash Sends me a confused look and Michael grabs his hand "Come on dude"I smile and walk to the nearest store luckily it was one of my favirotes.I smile as I read the name "Forever 21".I walk in as I see the 'Help Wanted' sign.I walk to the counter "Can I get a job application?"I ask the really cute counter man.He nods and gives me a peice of paper.I grab it and thank him the walk out.I sit at a table by Starbucks.I put the application down and start filling it out with my favirote green pen.Out of the corner of my eyes something or someone sits across from me.I look up."Hello Baby well I was ordered by Felix to tell you your mission!"I fake a smile."Ok?"I look back down."Look at me when I talk ok!"I look up and roll my eyes."Fine!"I mock he chuckles "Watch that attitude or maybe Felix wont see you again!"He snaps "Ok"He looks at me and stares into my soul "You ask Michael to accompiny you to a small bar on the corner of this town there you need to flirt with him get him drunk and ask to take him home exept you'll take him to the warehouse "I nod slowly as I bite my lip.Me and Michael are friends I dont want to hurt him.Should I tell him.I sigh "What if I refuse to do so?"He chuckles and looks up behind me.I look up and see Felix "Your little friend dies and then Michael and then you will etheir go and get a different Mission!"I look back down to my hands "What will you do with Michael?"Felix snaps my head back up "You dont like him rember he dosent car but I do and anyways we wont kill him just warn him!"I smile "Fine I will do it just dont kill him Felix or else!"He chuckles "Or what?"I sigh "I dont even know"He chuckles "Dont worry we got to go dont tell him or else baby!"I fake smile "Bye felix"I wave him off.I sigh as he walks off with his friend.I had finished my application so I took it back to the store and gave it to the cashier."When may I start?"He smiles "Now if you want?"I nod he smiles even more "Follow me!"I nod and follow him.He hands me an apron I put it on and grab a name tag and put it on and he smiles and hands me a sharpy.I write 'Laylah' on it."Laylah your very pretty!"He blushes I smile at him "Thanks but I am kind of in a relationship but not I really dont know so I am just you know rocky he is making us be a couple and I told him I am not his we just met yesterday!"He smiles "I can change that!"I smile "Maybe"I walk out "What to do?"He nods "Straighten up the clothes!"I nod and walk to the toos and fix them up.The casheir comes up "Hello"He smiles "Hey Laylah I am Shaffer!"I smile "I like it!"His blue eyes light up "Really?"I nod as I stare at him he had Blonde hair and blue eyes.He was my age.He wore black jeans an a white shirt.We finished my shift with Michael coming in.He frowned "I told you your mine!"Shaffer looks at me "Is this him?"I sigh "One of them!"I kiss his cheek "Call me!"He smiles and nods.I walk passed Michael "Lets go clifford!"He glares at Shaffer and walks toward him I raise my voice "Clifford dont make me get Nash!"he looks back at me "Hey Blonde look touch Laylah your dead she will be mine she always had been and always will be ok!"Shaffer looks at me "CLIFFORD!"Michael walks at me "Shut up baby!"I stop "Dont ever call me that!"He nods "Why Felix calls you that just like his other sluts!"I look at him my eyes tear up and I stare at him "NO BECAUSE OF FELIX BECAUSE OF A REASON!"Michael walk to me and reachs out to touch my shoulder "I didnt mean it that way!"I walk back "NO DONT TOUCH ME REMBER IM A SLUT!"I walk toward Nashs car ,(after I ran from him insid),, the parking lot."he not here I told him I would take you home"I swear he is wanting and Ass beating! "NO!" I walk toward the street as the rain beated down and I turned and ran to Michael thinking about the misson.I have to make Michael a fruend not a foe.I wrap my arms around him "Im so sorry its just my dad called me that and it just hurts me you know,knowing I have to uh......never mind!"I chuckle "Lets go!"He smiles "My cars over here!"I nod and we walk over and we get in.As he starts I noticed my favirote song had came on I chuckled and started whispering but singing it "I aiant never met gurl like you and youll never find a man like me walking out the door with you my min you can call me on the phone any time that you like"Michael looks at me "You know them?"I smile and chuckle "I know them they were my bestfriend JJ being my boyfriend but then we moved an he moved on I guess we never saw each other after that except when I saw him at converts when JG sent me tickets!"He smiles "Must be nice having people you can reliy on?"I nod "Yep!"I smile and we stop at my place "You can come in Hayes wont do anything I promise if he does I will shut him up for you!"He smiles "Ok!"I walk to the door and open it and me and Michael walk in.I take my shoes and jacket off.I walk to the kitchen and grab a coke.I walk and sit on the couch and Michael joins me.I turn the tv on."Laylah.......you have and old friend visiting get ready!"I smile "Ok".I wonder who it will be "Care to help me pick out what to wear?"Michael smirks at me "Sure".I walk him to my room and open my closet."Pick an outfit!"He smiles.He picks out a shirt that said 23 on it.With black leggings.I put my black hair in a ponytail.I put my clothes on an put my gold hoop earrings on.I put shiny gold eyeshadow on and a bright red lipstick.I came out and twirled.Michael chuckled "Perfect".I chuckle "Ok sure lets watch a movie!"He chuckles "Like what?"I smile "Perfect".He nods "Ok".When it comes to currtent parts I tear up.Then I rember it will never happen but then a voice says to me "It will happen soon".I look at Michael and smile.Then from the door comes a knock.I sigh "Wait!"I get up and walk to the door.I open it and look to the person in front of me was Ashton! I smile then frown."Hey!"I force a smile "May I come in?"he says,I blush "Sorry you can come in were watching a movie Nash and Hayes are upstairs in the room with Hayes name on it!"He chuckles "Nash wanted me here for you!"I look at him "Sorry I am tooken for the day!"He smiles "By who"I sigh "A friend"He nods.I walk into the living room "Michael,Ashton,Ash,Mikey!"Michael shots his head up "I have to go sorry uh.....Nice meeting you Ash!"Ashton rubbed his neck as Michael struggled to find his keys."I have to go to!"Ash says struggling to find his.I wonder nah maybe......"Sit both of you KNOW!"The boys sigh and sit on the couch "Tell me now or the keys go bye bye!"I say dangling the keys in front of them."We uh....."Ashton starts.I stare at him.Michael buts in "We were friends and in a gang togetger speficly my gang!"I nod "Ok and why dont you want to see each other?"They look at each other abd together say "Felix!"I nod "Oh?"I walk to my room on the way throwing the keys back behind me "Leave NOW!"They sigh "Ok!"Ashtons says but Michael chuckles "No".I turn around and come down "The fuck you say to me?"Michael looks up "No?" I smile and cock my head to the side "I have a phone with the cops on speed dial dont you dare make me!"I say to him starring him but I was the most scared here."Why dont I add in that your in a gang and shit!"Michael sasses back I open my mouth to say something but I hear a harmony of 'Whats behind me'.I turn to see Nash,Ash,And Hayes! I fake a smile and seem to shrink a little "Your in a gang?" I shake my head nervously "Never."What will happen to me?Its all Michaels falt! If he hadnt said that I wouldnt be here! "Dont lie baby!"Michael says.I turn around and I grab my phone and run to my room I pack all my clothes and stuff.Then I walk downstairs."Goodbye!"I walk out the door leaving everyone starring at me.I got to the end of the driveway but someone grabs me "Where are you going?"I look to the person it was Ashton "Shopping then to work I have to work over night so yeah!"You and Michael can meet me at a bar on the edge of town at 9 pm.I will be there!"He nods I can tell he was mad a Michael "Where are you going with all your stuff?"I smile "With a friend for a bit"Ashtons places his hand out "Promise you wont get hurt "I nod and stick mine out "promise".He sees my tattoo "So its true?"I look away "Maybe" He shakes his hand "Why?"I tear up "Ask dickhead in there he will tell you allthats shit!"I whisper yell.Then run to the hideout.Making sur Ashton wasnt following me.I walked inside and was greeted by Felix."Hello baby!"I nod "Can I stay with you and I an more than willing to do this plan he hurt me today and Karma is a fucking bitch aiant it!"I shout at him.He chuckles "Thats the girl I want to see!" I smirk "So can I baby?"He nods and smirks "Anytime!"I smile and peck his cheek "Thanks"I purr then sit down at their little bar."Baby there is a room upstairs with a bunch of girl stuff you need to get ready for the misson the door says your name on it now!"I nod "Ok".I walk upstairs finding the door it stuck out like me with these thugs.It was pure white the others were black.Then in big curly sparkling red letters was my name.Then it had a pistol stcker and emojis all over it.I smiled and chuckled and walked in the room.It had mirrors lots of them and a walk in closet full of dresses then another one with casual clothes.I pull out a tight Black dress with a neon green strip running down the middle.I starred it was beautiful.Then it had matching heels.Black with a neon green strip.I slipped the dress on and put the heels on.I did my makeup the black eyeliner makin my eyes pop.The green eyeshadow made the eyeliner pop.I had Neon green lips and I had black rose earrings.I put a leather jacket over it.I walked downstairs meeted by Felix."You look stunning!"I blushed "Thanks".He pecked my lips "I love you "He purred in my ear.I was faking this relation ship so I smiled "Me too!"He grabbed my hand and took me to my cab "See you in a bit" he said paying the cab.I smiled "See you!"The cab took me to the bar and I arrived at 9 exactly.I walked in and sat at a table.I looked around and 3 people sat at the table I was at.I looked at them it was Nash,Ash,And Michael.I smiled "Hey guys!" Nash smiles "Hey Laylah!"Michael looks at me "Why did you want me here?"I smile "We needed to start fresh again so I thought we could get to know each other while the others do what ever!"He smirks "Ok" The others leave us."Care to dance?"I smile and nod.We get to the dance floor and dance after about an hour or to Michael was drunk."Mikey let me take you home maybe we can change from friends?" I purr needing to get him to the alley.Michael smirks and kisses me I deepen the kiss he tugs at my dress.I pull away "Lets countinue at your place!"He nods and I get the car and put him in the back seat.I call Felix and he comes and drives us to the hide out.Michael wakes up a bit after we arrived he had a little bit of alchol still left in his system."Laylah?"He calls I walk out with Felix"Leave her alone!"He shouts Felix smiles "She is under my control she did it for you her family and friends too!Now didnt you?"I nod and smile "Yep they just want what is theirs and then they dont need you!"I say Michael smiles "If you let Laylah out of your little contract and I will get your drugs and money back Ok!"Felix chuckles "She isnt in a contract she is finishing what her parents started she seems to like it too!"I nod and look to my feet "I do like it because I know Michael someone likes me and I have everything here snd they respect me Just leave me be Ok!"I look to Felix "I will be in my room!"He nods and pecks my lips and I walk upstairs everything I said down stairs wasnt true.They were using me.I like Ashton but didnt want to admit it.I like Michael just a little bit and Felix I dont know about him.I sigh and take black leggings out and dark red botty shorts.I found a white croptop that said 'Sarcasm'.I slipped my dress of and put it the outfit on.Then I took my black studded leather jacket and put it on.I slipped on Hight top pumps that the heels were studded and they were black.I curled my black hair.At the ends and I decided I am dying my hair Black to a light red.I walk downstairs to past Felix "I am dying my hair I will be back in about an hour or two!"Felix chuckles "Do it for free by asking Edgar?"I chuckle "Where is he?" "In the kitchen watching a tv show?"I nod and walk away to the kitchen and see Edgar."Hey Edgar I was thinking can you dye my hair it needs color?"He nods "What color ma'am?"I nod "I am thinking about black descending to a light red?"I say like I was still thinking and he smiles "Ok follow me"I follow him to a little room that looked like a salon I swear this place has everything.He puts me and chair and dyes my hair washin it and all.I smile as he drys my hair and it lightens.He smiles "Your done!"I smile "I have to show Felix wait can you straighten it?"He nods and I sut back down as he straightens my curls.I look fab.I redo my make up and walk downstairs.I see Felix and Michael talking."Hey Felix......Michael!"I say and they look my way.Felix slowly walks to me his heels clicking the wood below his feet.I sigh "Does it look good?"They nod I look to Michael "I wasnt asking but thanks for your input!"I snap.I look back "I am going to go take a walk call me if you need me!"He nods "Dont be to late!"I nod again signaling I already knew that and walked out.I sighed I cant do this what if he asks me for sex.I am still a virgin and I havent smoked and so many things the only thing bad I have done is skip school,shoplift,and drink!I sigh "Maybe Michael,and Ashton are right I am not cut out to being in a gang"I walk to a park and go down the board walk.I stand by the edge and stare at the stars hitting the waters endless edge.I smile and then I feel a hand touch my shoulder I turn to face Ashton."Hey Ash I never asked are you and Michael still in the same gang?"He nods and hums a slight yes.Did they have the tattoo?Michael had and X on his middle finger I look at Ashton he had the same one."Are we still friends because we are in different gangs?"I ask confused.He nods again."I thought it would be you no one else comes here at this time in night"I nod "I didnt want to be in a gang or friends who are in gnags but guess what we are here now!"I chuckle,He smiles "Ashton I love you!"He smiles "I have been waiting for you to say that my whole life since you left!"I blush and he lifts my chin and kisses my lips softly.I smile as he lets go.I chuckle "Can we run away like together so Felix cant hurt me?"He smiles then frowns "Its never that simple.

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