Local Savage

Laylah is a normal girl.Until she meets the boy that her fruend warned her about he seems so nice though.People warn her but will she listen.Will she fall or make him fall will they get in to deep problems that may cause death? Or will his enemies cause worse problems?


2. Chapter 2

He opens the door and I get in and he shuts the door and slids over the hood to his side of the car.He opens it and starts the car."So where do you live?"I bite my lip and pertend like I didnt hear him.My mind is thinking He is one of them from the gang he is going to kill me I know it."Uhh.....Are you goin to........you know.........kill me?"I stutter.He chuckles "i wouldnt kill you beautiful"I smile lightly as I bite harder on my lip"Why do you think that?"I frown and a tear comes down."Never mind"I whisper."YOU DINT HAVE TO THINK I WILL KILL YOU YEAH MAYBE I AM IN A GANG BUT YOUR TO BEAUTIFUL TO KILL AND INNOCENT!"I flinch and feel a warm tear come down my cheek."ok"I whisper "Sorry it just I really only wanted to take you home baby nothing like rape you know maybe you can change and we can go out to eat I'll pay!"I smile "Ok"He puts his hand on my leg.I looked down and slightly rubbed his knuckle."Can you please tell me about you thinking I will kill you?"He begs.I sigh.Why does he need to know."About a year ago my parents died when a gang killed them in front of me.They told me when I got older they would....ld...."He looks straight ahead squeezing his hand around the wheel and whispers "Kill you?"I shake my head "They said they would kidnap me I think they mean rape or me as bait"I whisper looking out the window and letting a few tears coming down my cheeks."I will protect you,your coming me and staying at my place tonight no buts!"I look at him and then back to the window."Right there is my house!"I point.He nods and parks outside of it.I go to the door Michael by my side.I knock.My brother shouts "Coming!"I sigh as he opens the door "Finally!"I go in "Michael can you stay here!"He nods I will I guess come back tommrow I have to do something tonight I forgot uh.....just dont you know go out by yourself!"I chuckle "Ok see you tommrow than!"He hugs me "Bye baby girl!"I blush as he walks back and I close the door.I turn ln my heels.I was half way up the stairs."No!"I chuckle "No what?"He screams "Fucking NO YOU WILL NOT GO WITH HIM ANYWHERE HE IS A GANG MEMBER AND A DANGER TO YOU!"I sigh and shake my head "YOU DONT KNOW HIM GET TO KNOW HIM YOULL CHANGE YOUR MIND HE HAS OFFERED ME PROTECTION AND BESIDES HE IS KINDA HOT!"I chuckle first I hate him second I love him make up your mind Brain."Fine but dont come to me when your headtbroken."I sigh "Ok well I wont I will go to Karla if she still like me then!"I run to my room and slam my door.I grab my bag and put black leggings blue jean shorts and Batman tee.I put my convers in the bag and throw my brush and other stuff in it.I take my drees off and put my red leggings on and put white tee that said Las Vegas on it.I slipped my vans on.I put my hair in a ponytail.And I pulled my blue ends a little bit.I took my jewlery off and I took my phone out and called Karla.

(K=Karla , L=Laylah)

L:Hey Karla,Can I come over?


L:Be there in a bit

I hang uo and grab my stuff and climb out my window.I climb down from the tree by my wondow and run down the alley to Karlas house.I grab my house key for her house and get in."Karla I am home!"She chuckles but sounds hurt.I run to the chuckle and I see her on the ground bleeding.I came through th back door so I couldn't see the front door open."What happened?"She fowns "I got shot and well by a gang they told me that if you didnt meet them at the park in the middle of town more would be hurt and they would kill you!"I feel a tear come down.I pick her up and run to the hospital down the road.I put her in a wheel chair and run up."CAN I GET A DOCTOR MY FRIEND GOT SHOT PLEASE SHE IS ALL I HAVE!"I scream at the nurse.Her brown hair whips around."GET A DOCTOR THE PATEINT GOT SHOT HURRY!"I hand Karla in the hands of the nurse as they tell me to sit and wait.I notice that in the car Michael had put his phone number in my phone.Sneaky Bastard.I dial it.

M=Michael L=laylah


L:Hey Mikey uh they're coming


L:They shot my friend Mikey what if they come for me I will die with them Please Mikey dont let them do it please!

M:I will be right there babe

I hang up.Does he actually like me?I keep thinking.I feel a kiss on my cheek I look up its Michael."Hey Mikey"I keep starring."They wont"I sigh "Karla reyna's Visitors!"I look up and me and Michael walk over"You guys can see her but she is still hurt dont make her shout!"I nod.I completley forget she hates Michael.I walk in "Karla I am so sorry I wanted to tell you about how they might do this!"She smiles "Dont worry!"I smile."Michael?"She looks at Michael."Laylah what did I say!"She whispers shout "I will meet you in the car Laylah!"I nod."I needed to tell someone and I thought to call him because he knows and probally the only one who would understand!"

Michaels pov

I eavesdrop on the conversation.She trusts me that much.We just met.I hope she still likes me if she gets caught up with my crap.I look over I saw one person.They walked over and walked in Karla's room."Hey darling you stayed beautiful!"It must be her dad.I walk back to the car.

Laylahs pov

A guy comes in."Hey darling you stayed beautiful"I have a flashback."I need to go Karla!"I get up and try to run past him.He puts his foot out tripping me but saving me."You act like your mine and then we will sort out buisness"I nod scared.What if he hurts me?I keep thinking of the negative.We walk out I smile and look at people with pleading eyes.They didnt get the messeage.the guy was like My age.He had black hair tan skin.His green eyes.He had a eyebrow peircing and a tounge peircing.He had black balled earrings.His hair in a quiff.He wore black skinny jeans.He wore a white shirt tucked in at the front.Then a black leather jacket.Then he wore black convers.He had a ying yang tattoo on his wrist on his left arm.I smiled he was cute but he is kidnapping me.I didnt want to get killed so I cooperated.When we got out he pulled my arm this time I reisted."Help"No one heard me.I sighed and gave up.He pulled me to a alley.He pushed me against the wall.He smiled at me.Then pressed his mouth against my neck.He pulled back out."So your going to be our girl of the gang ok you'll be bait and our fighter in the girl fights.Also you'll be my girlfriend!"I made a disgusted face "What do I get out of this?"I say,He smiles "Your friends life"I look around and I see Michael."Hands of my lady Bitch"I chuckle.The guy pulls me in front of him."She is mine now Michael!"He chuckles "Wheres your friends Felix?"I chuckle "Wow thats a nice name.I kick my leg back.I hit him in the balls.He falls to the ground."My answer is no"He chuckles "Your coming or else"I chuckle "I can save myself Michael and Felix no I am not your prostitute!"I whisper."Come on Laylah!"Michael shouts.I flinch."Ok"I whisper.We go to his car.I get in."You let him almost rape you and get in a gang!"He screams at me.I look at him "You'll probally do the same!"I whisper."I WONT LAYLAH I LOVE YOU HE DOSENT I AM BETTER THAN HIM I WILL GIVE YOU MORE THAN HE EVER WILL!"I flinch and whisper "sure you do you guys are pribally working together"I thought he wouldnt her it but he did."GET OUT"he shouted stopping the door.I opened the door and got out.Thinking if I didnt he would hurt me.He sped off.I walked alone when I passed an alley someone pulled me in.They pushed me against the wall.I looked at them."Your going to be mine Laylah now come on and meet my gang your the new member so you need the tattoo to know your always mine!"I look at him and nod."Ok"I was fearful he would kill me if I resisted Michael didnt seem to care!I have had a tattoo before I have a star on my middle finger.He lead me to a abandon building.He walked in and I followed."Hey guys I got my girlfriend to agree on being a part of the gang!"I stand there starring at the faces looking at me."We need to get her the tattoo".They walked me to a room and sat me in a chair.I sat there as they gave me a ying yan heart on my left arm."Girls get a heart boys get the circle"Felix tells me.I nod."So tommrow you have to be here and we will get you situated and sent to your first misson.He leaned in and attacked my lips with a kiss.I reisted and didnt kiss back.He sighed."I love you baby!"I nod.I get up "Can I go!"He nods "Let me take you home"I nod we get out and in the alley.He pushs me against the wall and kisses my neck.I push him."I never agreed to be yours just to help you for Karlas sake and my brother and Others!"He chuckles "Fine but for your first misson you wont like!"I get worried.

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