A boy finds himself watching his father die again and again, but this times it's his fault."What have I become" he weeps "A monster, a uncontrollable monster" the voice inside his head says "I will find a way to control myself then!" he shouts in triumph. Pain shoots through his head, a new vision...


1. Before

"You are uncontrollable, boy" my father shouted as I blasted my Telekinetic Force everywhere and smashing everything "I'm sorry Dad, i just can't control it" I tried to explain "You won't be able to control it no matter what, boy" he said exhausted. With that he walked out of the house. I followed him to see him walk to the cliff that was around the back of the house "No Dad, don't please don't" I tried to stop him. He turned around and spoke his last words "Maybe you can try harder without me around" and he jumped.

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