"The bus is warm and softly lit, and a hundred people ride in it, I guess i'm just another runaway".


2. Hurt

           The bus was softly lit, the air was stale, everyone seemed content, they all knew where they were going. There were kids talking and playing games, family's that have somewhere to go, but then theirs me, the one who sat all the way in the back not wanting to get off because once I did I was officially alone. I was just another screwed teenager messed up by the world and its harsh reality. 

"101 beach boulevard" I was the only one left on the bus, I was last. "Where to sweetie"? The bus driver said. That was the question I was dreading. "Ummm to the nearest beach"?

Turns out the nearest beach was closer then I thought.It was my turn to get off, I grabbed my backpack and walked slowly out the doors of the bus. The bus drove away while I was left standing in the exact same place wishing for it to come back, when all of a sudden I here girls screaming and cameras flashing. I turned around to see a man coming towards me, and girls climbing over each other to get a glimpse of this man.I looked behind me to see a sign that said "private beach, No trespassing." Great. That's when it hit me, and I blacked out. 

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