True Love

There is a version of Earth, exactly the same as ours, but with one major difference. To see color, one must find their forever soulmate. This is the story of Madison Williamson, and the day she'll never forget.


1. The day

                       One day a girl named Madison decides to take what she thinks will be a normal walk in the park. As she walks through the park, looking at all the grey scale trees and grass, and all the happy couples who could see the world to its full extent. She thinks about how she hadn't found her soulmate yet. Her brother found his in high-school, her sister in middle-school, and her parents that met in first grade. Why was she so unlucky? Why her? As she became lost in thought, a she accidentally bumped into a man. This man was around six foot, he had brown eyes, black hair, and he wore black-rimmed glasses. "Oh i'm sorry" Madison said looking up at the man. He replied back, "It was my fault, I need to watch where I'm going". She looked over the man, and then realized what had just happened. She watched as everything around her began glowing with colors. The light-grey grass was a beautiful green, the sky became a beautiful blue. Everything was amazing. When she looked up, Madison noticed that the man she had hit was experiencing the same thing, as he studied the colors in the park around him. "I'm Mark," he said holding out his hand. "I'm Madison," she said, as they shook hands.  

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