True Love

There is a version of Earth, exactly the same as ours, but with one major difference. To see color, one must find their forever soulmate. This is the story of Madison Williamson, and the day she'll never forget.


3. Forever and always.

             "In this spot, about one year ago," Madison stopped, only to sniffle a bit and wipe her tears away. "I was, I don't know what to call it, abused I guess. My ex-boyfriend, he doesn't need to be named, he took me to this spot on my birthday. He had always been the happiest person I knew, but things changed that day." Mark had a face of pure sorrow, as he nodded for her to continue. Just hearing this made him want to break down. Mark was normally a very strong person, but he had a very weak spot when it came to treating women like this. Madison continues "He became what looked to be completely outraged at this point. He threw me onto the ground, he punched me, and kicked me. The last thing I remember was him walking away, and leaving me unconious to be found by another couple." Madison was all out bawling now, and Mark began to cry also. Even though he couldn't, and might never be able to, know how Madison feels, but he loves her, with all his heart. "I am so sorry Madison," Mark could whimper through the tears streaming down his face. "Why are you apologizing?" Madison said. You see, Madison was never really cared for as a child. She was an orphan from the age of 3. Her orphanage really didn't care about its children, so she just never made any friends. No body cared for her, the only family that adopted her, they were both drunks and returned her within a few days.


               Mark really didn't know what to say, "Because I love you Madison, and I know that for a fact. No women should ever be treated like that." Madison began to think. 'Could someone really love me?' She thought. 'Why?'. Before she could speak again, she was met by Mark's lips against hers. They were softer than she expected, it was amazing. Mark slowly pulled away, eyes opening. "I love you to," Madison finally said. Mark then took her by the hands and walked her slowly back to where she had met him, at the park bench. "Here," Mark said, handing her his phone number. "Again, I love you," Madison loved those words, as she could finally say them to someone. "Forever and always," Mark said hugging the girl, then walking away slowly.

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