True Love

There is a version of Earth, exactly the same as ours, but with one major difference. To see color, one must find their forever soulmate. This is the story of Madison Williamson, and the day she'll never forget.


2. Another day

                    Some credit for this chapter is given to my friend Aiden for helping me. 


                  The two decide to share their backgrounds to make things less awkward. Mark begins telling his. "Well," he said, eyes shining "I grew up in Cincinnati, and I have one brother named Tom." "I grew up being my dad's best friend," he wore a sad expression. "One day he was diagnosed with cancer." Madison looked at him with a look of sorry, "I'm so sorry Mark," She said. "I would say I know how you feel, but honestly I don't." "It's not your fault," Mark explained. Madison truly was very sorry, but decided to change the subject. "Well, I grew up in Ireland," Mark nodded as he had realized, because of her accent. "I have four brothers, and one sister". The 25 year old was shocked at that fact. Madison didn't understand why he was so surprised, as she was one of many people she knew with more than one sibling. "That's a lot of people in one household," Mark exclaimed. Madison nodded her head to show agreement. Mark's brown eyes were twinkling as he looked at Madison's grey ones. He has an idea, one that was going to make the two a lot closer. "follow me," Mark said, his eyes still shining like the moon. She was reluctant, as Madison was always told to be careful around strangers, but grabbed his outstretched hand knowing that they had to be soulmates. Mark made Madison close her eyes, as he lead her around. "Almost there," Mark said still leading Madison. "Okay... Open!" Mark said as doing jazz hands. Madison opened her eyes only to see a large tree, surrounded by flowers. The expression on her face quickly changed from happy to sad. She couldn't help it, but started to feel tears coming down her face as the horrible memories flooded in. 




          It was April 12th, Madison's 22nd Birthday, so her boyfriend took her to a beautiful place in the local park. The area had a large Willow tree in the center, with flowers all around it. It was wonderful, that is until she noticed the extremely angry look on his face. "Will-" she started, but couldn't finish before she was thrown onto the hard ground. The look on her face was one that carried total confusion. 'Why would he do this?' Madison thought. As her boyfriend picked her up with a fistful of the girl's dirty-blonde hair, then proceeded to punch her rapidly in the face, asking questions like "Why weren't you there?" and "Did you ever love me?". She couldn't reply, as all Madison could think at the moment was 'Why?', and all the girl could feel was pain, as she saw flashing images of William trudging away.


*back to present*


                Madison could feel Mark rushing towards her. She began to back away, and cry even more, remembering what had happened in that very spot about one year ago. "Madison, what's wrong?" Mark asked looking even more concerned. She couldn't say anything, because she was crying so hard. Then without warning Mark came closer, only to hug the crying girl. "You can tell me, I won't question anything," Mark said. His voice was soothing, and Madison felt safe in his arms. She nodded, "Okay," Madison was able to murmur. She began telling Mark what had happened on her birthday last year. "Well, I had a boyfriend prior to this, and.." Her voice trailed off just thinking about him.  



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