Carry On

Zoe gets sent on tour recollect herself and to change a group of boys. Or will they change her?

let the good times roll.


7. ~chapter 5~

Zoe's P.O.V

The bus was silent. I was rolled into a ball in my small bed in the back of the bus. I couldn't sleep, and my eyes were slightly open. I was finally almost asleep when I heard footsteps and whispering. I opened my eyes wider, and heard a door open. Not again. I decided to follow the footsteps and saw it was only 2:30. Ugh. It was dark out, and I saw the door was slightly ajar. I grabbed my sweatshirt and followed through the open door. The parking lot was empty. I searched around to find a ladder in the back of bus. I saw a illumination of shadows and decided to climb up the steep metal item. I gulped. "Hello?" I asked, seeing Calum with a cigarette leaning out of his mouth, while Luke had a vape pen leaving out of his mouth, strawberry scented smoke leaving the silver item. "Hey, didn't expect to see you here." Calum yawned. "Neither did I." I sat down, next to Luke. His eyes faded out to the horizon. "I'm sorry." I lightly spoke to him, voice facading into the desolation of moonlight. It reflected on his pale skin and baggy eyes. He took the pen out of his mouth and let out a huff of smoke. "It's not your fault. I should be apologizing. I was high, drunk and probably was about to pass out." I saw Calum push the ash of the cigarette on the top of the bus. Luke ran his hands through his hair. "I wish that it would be like before." I pushed my hair out of my eyes. "What was before?" Luke pulled out a photo. It was the boys. They looked so different. Luke had a combover, along with the other boys. They looked so young. 

It made me think "damn. They used to be different." I saw Luke look out to the horizon. "I miss it. Cal didn't smoke, Ashton wasn't as depressed as he is now, Michael wasn't a party animal and I wasn't an utter mess. A failure." I saw a tear dribbled down his rosy cheeks. His baby blue eyes in that photo are now gray. "I just want to be happy." He rubbed his eyes. "Sorry." He mumbled, wiping tears away. I felt horrible. "That's why I'm here. I'll fix it, it's gonna get better." Calum popped out another cigarette. "We're broken." He spoke in between smokes. "We are so close to being shattered." I looked at them. They looked so upset. "I'll glue you guys. It's going to be like the old times, okay?" They nodded. Maybe this won't be too bad. 

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