Carry On

Zoe gets sent on tour recollect herself and to change a group of boys. Or will they change her?

let the good times roll.


6. ~chapter 4~

Zoe's P.O.V

Well, to start out with one thing.. I have to chaperone a drunk and I can't even take care of myself, and another I CAN LEAVE. I was silent for a moment. 8 eyes were on me, and Luke was probably listening in the bathroom stall. My body was shaking. I have no clue what to say. My mom just wanted me to leave and not to live my life, just to go away, so there is no use really going back there. And I would seem like a flat out bitch. "Um, okay. I guess I'll stay." They smiled. "Okay, great!" Ashton said, smiling. "You're the first person that said yes!" I gave him a confused look. "What the bloody hell do you mean by "first person?" Calum let out a fake laugh, kinda like a bland "ha". "Well, a lot of people tend to see Luke drunk and just say "screw this, I'm out. But from the beginning, I knew there was something different about you." He continued, as I just gulped. "Probably groupies." I thought to myself. "So what should I do first?" I asked, putting my blond hair in a hair tie."Wear this." Michael said, giving me a black and white pile. It was a maid outfit, and worst, it was skimpy. "Fuck no." He rolled his eyes. "Fine, you might want to take care of Luke." As on right on cue, he walked right on out of the stall, burped and walked back to the bunks. He slammed the door. "Okay... what do I, uh, do?" The guys shrugged. "Take care of him." Mark said, kinda bitchy and matter of factly. I stood up and walked to the back of the bus. I opened the door and was greeted to the scent of alcohol. All of the beds were made nicely and the blinds were open, except the one on the bottom. The blinds were closed and blankets were on the floor, and also stained underwear. I gagged and opened the blinds, hands shaking. "Hey!" My calm voice went to angry when I saw he had a bottle of vodka shoved down his throat. "What the hell!" I tried to grab the bottle and he bit me. Fucking bit me. "Give it to me!" He growled. "GIVE ME MY GODDAMN VODKA!" He screamed. "No! You need help!" I finally got it out of his hands and he started to cry. "You're a meanie!" He cried as I rolled my eyes. " I am not---" He grabbed me and pulled me onto the bunk. "I love you." I was now on top of him, and he pinched my butt. "You pervert! Did you just touch my ass-" He pushed a finger to my lips. "Shhhhh.." He giggled as I started to squirm around. His breath had a toxic scent of alcohol. "Let me go-" I was cut of my lips colliding with his. I'm not gonna lie, he was a good kisser and I kinda enjoyed it, but he probably has so many diseases. HIV's, STD's and probably mono. I pulled back and he smiled. "You smell good." He smiled. And the moment was ruined by him puking on himself, and me. I wiped his mouth with a tissue and left with the bottle. I slammed the door. "What happened-" I cut them off. "I don't want to talk about it." 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time skip to that night because I need to update more stories~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zoe's P.O.V 

After we all ate, I decided to go and see if Luke wanted any pizza. I was a little rough on him earlier, but he touched my butt. I opened the door. No one was back there, but the window was open. That little bastard snuck out! I ran through to front. "Guys! Luke snuck out!" Michael rolled his eyes, which were still focused on Call Of Duty. "Like that's a first." He snarled, not even showing a look of concern. "He's probably at the nice guy with Arzaylea." I gave him a confused look. "Who the fuck is Arzaylea?" I asked, still not knowing anything. "Luke's girlfriend. We don't really like her but whatever makes Luke happy." I barged out the door and proceeded to find my way to the 'Nice Guy." 

Luke's P.O.V

*a few minutes later*

"Come on you pussy, no one ever died from a little weed." Arzaylea lured as I looked at the blunt. I feel horrible, a mix of drunk and actual sickness. Ugh. "Fine, whatever gets me sex." I mumbled, putting my corona in my other hand. I took a few smokes, and I was high. I was seeing colors and stars. But during being drunk and high, that Zoe girl came over. I feel horrible about the way I treated her earlier. I had the blunt in my mouth and a beer in my hand, so she showed up at the right time. "Luke! We are leaving!" She yelled grabbing my wrist.

Zoe's P.O.V (sorry i just thought it felt better in her p.o.v)

I grabbed Luke's wrist. "Let's go!" I yelled, as he just pushed me off. "Go away." He was so high it was obvious. Then some girl walked over o Luke. "Have you been cheating me you little bitch!?!" He just giggled. She slapped him in the face, but he didn't seem phased by it. "Who are you?" She asked. "The better question is who are you?" I smiled. She slapped me. It hurt. "How old are you?" She asked. "13?" She snarled. "I'm 17, thank you." She snarled again. "I'm 21. Try me bitch." I punched her in the face, hard. She crumbled to the ground."Don't mess with me, bitch. And I'm not his girlfriend, I'm his assistant. Your boyfriend is such a problem, he needs one." The girl laughed. "Boyfriend? Not anymore. I don't date babies." Luke looked sad now. "We leaving NOW." I took his hand and drug him to the tour bus. The boys were stilling not caring about what was happening. "Thanks to you I don't have a girlfriend!" He cried, tears leaking from his eyes. I didn't feel bad at all. She was the one who gave him the vodka, beer and weed. "Because of you, I don't have a summer! I hope you feel great! Smoking weed? Are you an animal?! Ugh, I shouldn't have came here!" I slammed the door and leaned on it, back to the door.

Luke and Zoe are now back to back with each other, not even knowing.

Luke and Zoe: Dear God,

Zoe: Save me please.

Luke: Tell me what the fuck is wrong with me?

Zoe: I'm stuck with this, man child! He can't even takecare of himself!

Luke: Should I just kill myself?

Zoe: By the end of this tour, I probably will kill myself!

Luke: I think I just pissed myself.

Zoe: This boy! He's a drunk! Smuggling vodka!

Luke: I wish I had some vodka.

Zoe: And there is 3 of them, and I don't even know what's wrong with them.

Luke: Maybe Michael will give me some vodka. 

Zoe: And he was dating a druggie! Arzaylea! Isn't that a guacamole ingredient?

Luke: I didn't care for Arzaylea, but she would give me vodka.

Zoe: Well, thank you god for keeping me alive.

Luke: I'm getting new pants and going to bed. I think I'm still high. Amen.

Zoe: I probably won't last this tour.....



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