Carry On

Zoe gets sent on tour recollect herself and to change a group of boys. Or will they change her?

let the good times roll.


4. ~Chapter 3~

Zoe's P.O.V

- [ ] I was maybe asleep for a few minutes until the Winnebago's door slammed open. "Are you serious Luke?! Puking on the interview?!" Mark yelled as I opened my eyes. I looked at Luke who had on Michael's Led Zeppelin denim jacket, bags under his eyes and a full plastic bag in his hand. "I just didn't feel well." He muttered slowing making his way to the back. The other boys were just watching this go down. "Luke with you, you never feel well!" I saw Luke's Adam's apple drop as he dropped the bag and ran to the small cube in the back of the bus. There was dry-heaving for a moment, then silence. "What's wrong with him?" I asked, as they all gave me glares like this was normal. The 3 boys sat on the couch with me as Mark started the bus. Michael let out a sigh. "Don't worry love. This is normal." I gave him a confused look. "What do you mean by normal?" Calum took out his phone, which had a shattered screen. "Luke cracked this during one his bad days." I still looked confused. "Can one of you explain to me "normal" and "bad day"? Because where I live what's going on here is different than a "normal" day." Calum opened his phone and showed me some photos. Some of them Luke smiling and dancing on a table, holding a bottle of vodka like a baby. "He has the drinking problem." I mumbled to myself as Calum lifted his head. "What?" I instantly shook my head. "Nothing." He clicked on a video. "Luke! Give Ashton the vodka!" A voice that sounded a little like Michael's. "No! It's my child!" He hissed as Ashton stood at the bottom of the table. "Lukey, be a good boy and give me the vodka okay?" Ashton cooed as Luke's eyes raged. It looked like a normal house and this was going on in a kitchen. "Whyyyyy?"

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