Carry On

Zoe gets sent on tour recollect herself and to change a group of boys. Or will they change her?

let the good times roll.


2. ~Chapter 2~

Zoe's P.O.V
   My alarm let out a light buzz. It was only 5:20, and the bus will be here in 40 minutes. I hit the snooze button and closed my eyes again. Maybe after I was asleep for 5 minutes, my mom came in and pulled the blanket off me. "I'll make you some breakfast if you get out of bed." She cooed as I flipped over on my stomach. "I wanna sleep..." I murmured into the pillow underneath me. She sat me up straight and tried to lay back down. "Get up now!" She yelled, shaking me. "Okay!" I said, voice almost angered. She walked out of my room and walked over to be dresser. I left one outfit out before I left, so I didn't have to dig through my suitcase. I put on black ripped jeans, a white flowy top and black converse. I walked into the bathroom and brushed my hair. I grabbed my black beanie I left out and tossed it over my head, letting my long blonde hair run out the bottom. I brushed my teeth and shoved my brush in my small travel bag. I put the small bag in my purse to put away later. I'm still shaky on what these boys are going to be like. What if they find my tampons or something? I closed my bedroom door for the last time for three months and headed to Katie's room. I opened her door, being welcomed by bright pink colors hitting my face. I hate that color, so seeing it makes me cringe. I walked to her bed an laid a kiss on her forehead. "Bye, Kate. I'll miss you." She didn't wake up, but I swear I saw her smile. I looked at the clock across her room. It was already 5:55! I ran down the stairs, finally making it to the kitchen. My mom handed me a parfait and gave me a holder filled with at least 15 cupcakes. "Take these with you, sweetie. I'll miss you so much." She whispered, probably about to cry. Also another thing about me, I don't cry. Only with horrible accidents I might, but probably not. "I'll miss you, too. Tell dad and Chloe I said bye." I said to her, noticing those two weren't up yet. "I will. I love you." I pulled back from the hug and walked to the door. "Love you! Bye!" I grabbed my three suitcases, travel bags and guitar and stood by the front of my house. The warm San Francisco breeze was beautiful. It was a bit chilly, but warmth would soon be overtaking it. It was probably the only breeze I would get for a few hours because we had to drive to Las Vegas. I looked down the street and saw a huge tour bus coming up the corner. The driver must be tired because he ran over my neighbors mailbox. I ran down the the curb and waited for the door to open. It creakily opened, hitting me with a smell of beer and vomit. I gagged a bit, swallowing the bit of parfait I ate. "Hi, are you Zoe Mandell?" The driver asked me. I nodded. "Yes." He sighed. "Come in. Make yourself at home." I walked in the bus, the door making a slam behind me. "I'm sorry, but what's your name?" I asked him, dropping my bags on the couch. "Mark. You can set up your bed in the back first, I wouldn't wake them up yet, they had a rough night. Then I can tell you about them." Rough night?  I just nodded again, and took my bags to the back. I pushed a button and the door slid open. The smell in here was more putrid than the one in the front room. The beds were in 2 rows, 3 on top and 3 on bottom on each side. The first four had closed shades, so I had to imagine that's where the boys were. It was really dark and I didn't want to turn on a light, and my foot hit a bucket. I heard the contents slosh around in it, and I gagged again. I picked the bottom bed in the farthest of the bus, to stay as far away from them. I put out my pillows and threw two blankets out, being too lazy to put out sheets. I was walking up to the front of the bus again, and one of them let out a snore. It freaked me out, and I let a little yelp. Someone on the top bunk tapped my back. "Sorry to scare you, love." My heart raced. "You didn't scare me, it just um.... surprised me?" He laughed. "I'm Michael, by the way." I gulped. "I'm Zoe. I have to, back now, so I'll see you later." Michael smiled at me. "Bye." I closed the door behind me. He looked nothing like the photo I saw on google. He didn't have red hair or some color that was obnoxious. His hair was a slight blonde, and it was really cute. "No." I whispered to myself. I made a deal with myself, never to fall in love with one of them. I walked back the front of the bus. I grabbed a spray bottle of perfume from my purse and sprayed the living room area. I would clean the back later. Now instead of smelling like filth, it smelled like cocoa butter. I sat in a chair in front of the bus near Mark. "So, I heard you talking to someone." He asked me as I nodded. "Yeah. Michael?" He laughed. "He's fun and really nice. Want me to tell you about the boys?" He asked me as I solemnly agreed. "Sure, okay." "Well, Michael is the blonde haired boy, he dyes it a lot. He's really nice and happy. When he's not drunk at least. That's not a person you want to meet." I gulped. I have to deal with drinkers? I can't even deal with my own problems. "Ashton has longish brown hair, usually wearing it in a bun. He's also pretty cool. Calum is also pretty chill, but we are trying to get him to stop smoking." I nodded, probably sweating. I don't know why, but I'm so nervous. "Isn't their another guy?" I asked, rubbing the back of my neck. "Oh, yeah. The lead. His name is Luke Hemmings, and he's the most problematic. He parties way to hard and doesn't really talk, besides this one girl." I bit my lip. "Ok. Are they nice?"  He shrugged. "Yeah, sure." Great. Just great. It was just awkward silence for a few minutes, and then Mark spoke up. "So, do want to know what the deal is today?" He asked as I just nodded, knowing my voice would sound like I was about to break down in tears. "Well, you'll wake the boys up in about an hour or so, and make them food." I gave him a confused look. "Am I like their servant?" He laughed. "More of a band mom." I was rigged. I thought that I would just hang out with them, not work for them. Brendon Urie wouldn't treat me like this. "Don't take this as a bad thing, sweetie." He cooed, treating me like I was a little girl. "I am! I came here to relax! But I have to WORK for them!" I huffed out a breath and slouched in the chair. We sat in complete silence until a small alarm went up. It was 7, and I guess the boys were supposed to be woken up now. "You should go back there now." Mark added,  as I rolled my eyes. "I'm aware." I started to walk back, and was cut off. "You might need this." I turned around and saw he had a blow horn. A. Mother. Fucking. Blow. Horn. I grabbed the item off him and stomped to the back of the bus. My nice side was starting to wake up, so I started with a few light flicks. "Get up." I murmured, not even hearing myself, already knowing they couldn't. I looked at the item in my hands. I sighed and pushed the button on the top. The horn let our a shriek, and so did one of the boys. Morning Mood Zoe was on, and that wasn't good. I turned on the lights and blew the horn again. "Rise and shine, princesses!" I yelled, pulling each blind open. My mouth dropped as I saw the four most hottest things ever. One of them had brown messy hair scattered all over, and a shirt draping off his shoulder. Another one had a blond streak  (doing skunk hair Calum because that's my favorite Calum), and a pretty nice tan. There was the same one as earlier, blonde hair still sticking out. The last one caught my eye. He had messy blondish-brown hair, stubble scattered around his chin. He had a small lip ring pierced in his bottom lip, and a slightly black eye. That must have been from his "rough night." The one with the blonde streak opened his eye. "Who the fuck are you?" His raspy voice asked, as I pushed the pieces of hair in my face behind my ear. "I'm, um, Zoe. Your new tour person, friend thingie." I spit out, probably sounding so awkward. "Are you that chick Mark was talking about?" He questioned as I just gulped. "Yeah, I guess." He rubbed his head. "Can you get me some Advil?" He mumbled, taking off his shirt. Fuck. Underneath was a nice, toned six pack. "Yeah, um, sure." I was kinda zoning back out again, but I got back down again quickly. I stood up and ran to the kitchen. Mark turned around, and saw my eyes wandering. "Advil's in the cabinet above the counter." He sighed, as reached and grabbed it out of its spot. It was almost empty, but I just walked back to the beds. I threw the container at him and pulled the curtains off from the bunk from above. "Get up!" I yelled, voice a mix of loudness and quietness. A mess of brown hair turned over and revealed the boy with the nice hair. "Who the hell do you think you are, Luke! Luke?" He looked at me, and gave me a confused look. "I'm not Luke. I'm Zoe, your new bus friend." I added a smile at the end to look nice. "Are your Mark's friend?" I nodded. "Yep. Now get up." He rolled his eyes and left the bed. "I'm Ashton, by the way." He said with a smile, before fading into the back of the bus. "Two more. Okay, you can do this Zoe." I thought to myself. My foot was next a bucket full of who knows what, and I poked Michael's face. "Get up." I snarled, as his eyes popped open. "Hi." He smiled. I bit my lip. "Can you just get ready?" I asked as he nodded. "Anything for you, beautiful." I gulped. "I'm not beautiful." I growled, as he just walked to the back. God dammit! I always just have to go and fuck shit up! The last boy must have reclosed his shade, and I pulled it back open. "Get up." No response. I touched his sweaty cheek, which was also covered in slight stubble. "Please." I begged as I just heard a snore. Time for major precautions. I pulled the blow horn out of the pocket I was holding it in. "Do I want to do this?" I sighed. I hit the button and a loud screech left the horn. The boy's eyes popped open. 

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