It's both a blessing and a curse ,
To feel,
Everything so very deeply


1. Prologue

Harlem's pov

"Harlem are you ready"?

"Um just a second" i said, pulling down the back of my black tight dress because it was really short and then putting on my black heels hoping not to fall tonight.

It was my first party after the break up between me and Harry.

He had dumped me for a blonde cheerleader,her name was Britain.

Anyways, I am scared because i'm pretty sure he will be there, and if hes there then she is to.

"Harlem, get down here now or i'm leaving without you" Jenna yelled. 

"Okay, okay chill"i said and rushed out my door almost tripping, when I got downstairs she looked at me and started yelling.

"OMFG YOU LOOK SO GOOD" She quickly stated as she dragged me out the door into her car.

Jenna was my best friend from age six, she was drop dead gorgeous she had long blonde hair and blue eyes and a hour glass figure, perfection at its best.

I was zoning, and thinking about her till she slammed the brakes and yelled "Get out, were here."

I took one look at the place and knew this was a bad idea, I mean there was already kids passed out in the front yard and the smell of alcohol and weed drifting through the air, gross. I got out of the car and walked slowly to the door and when i opened it, i was met with a smiling harry and his nasty girlfriend, eh. Harry stared me up and down carefully not trying to show it, well that was until Britain hit his shoulder.

"Oh hey Harry, Hows it going"? I asked in a snottily way.

"Good, You"? He responded with a smirk.

"Great" and with that I walked away swaying my hips, almost hypnotizing him. 

I went to the bar and took a shot, and another, another,another,another, I cant even count anymore.

I walked over to the dance floor and started dancing with a guy, he smelled familiar, I turned to see harry. Oh no. 

"gettt offfffff" Oh great the drinks have taken over.

"I wouldn't do that princess" Harry said.

I started walking away when he stopped me pushed me against the wall and that's when I noticed his eyes.

He was back on drugs, He changed, His eyes completely black.

He took his arm back and hit me, I fell and he started to kick me and that was when i blacked out. 





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