It's both a blessing and a curse ,
To feel,
Everything so very deeply


3. Clubs and problems


I woke up from a loud knock at the door

 I opened it to see the guy I've been best friends since I was born but then he moved away. 

It was.....


"Niall" I screamed excitedly!

You see me Niall and Jenna have been best friends since age six, we all went to the same school till 9th grade.That was when Niall left with his parents to Colorado for his dads job.

"Harlem!" He said mimicking my tone. 

I swear he acts like a child at times. Wait scratch that he acts like a child all the time. 

"why are you here?" I asked eagerly.

"Wow what a great way two treat you best-friend you haven't seen in three years." he responded.

"Well?" I said impatiently.

"I am here for a record deal,I joined a band after auditioning for a TV show and one of the judges loved us so much he put us all together and made a band." He said.

"Omg my best-friend is a rock-star with out me, what happened to are band?" I questioned.


"well you suck so,I gave up." He stated.


"Well than, i'm feeling the love." i said.


"Wait how long are you staying,and where are you staying?" i asked before he could say anything to my last sentence.


"Um well a month and with you." He said.


"you know I have school so you'll be here by yourself, and I have parents." i said.


"Ya well I called your parents they said of course and your school said I could come with you but not be a student!" He said happily.

"Okay cool." I said.

He just gave me a smile and walked in because I forgot to tell him to come in.

"Wanna hit the club?"He asked.

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, Niall is two years older than me. I'm 17 and hes 19. He was held back because his mom loved me and wanted him to stay friends with me because I was a good influence for him so ya. He graduated earlier because he got his GED. 

"Sure, i'll go get ready" and with that, I booked it up the stairs almost falling but not quite.

I hoped in the shower washing myself and my hair then I got out and did some outfit searching. 

I put on a tight white dress that flowed at the end, then put on some black heels/pumps kinda and then did my make up.After that i curled my hair and braided the sides.

I realized that i forgot to invite Jenna so I went down stairs to tell Niall but instead I was greeted with an angry Jenna at the bottom of my stairs.

I took one look and ran to Niall, which didn't help because he pushed me towards her. Jerk.

"Harlem Marie Rose Get Over Here Now" she said yelling. Ugh she used my full name, shes pissed.

"Were you not going to invite me?" she asked.

"I was actually going to Niall to say we should invite you, but I guess I don't have to anymore." I stated.

"Okay then." she said then she added "Don't think I forgot what happened this morning and last night!" 

Well great, Now Niall is going to ask about about it.

"What happened" Niall said quickly.

Told you so.

"Well her ex-boyfriend beat her up causing her to pass out and well that's all I know" Jenna said.

"Whats his name, I'll kill him!" Niall said with anger raging in his eyes.


"Ask her it's not my place to tell you." Jenna said smirking.  

She had set me up, she knew he would ask that and she wanted to see if I would protect Harry from Niall. This is her way of getting back at me for not inviting her over when Niall first got here. 

"Umh, can we just go to the club i'll tell you tomorrow"I said avoiding eye contact and walking out the door.

I called a taxi for us because I was sure that we were all going to get pretty wasted and I wanted to play it safe. 

(skipping the ride because it was boring)

When we got there Niall knew the guard so he got us in.

I walked straight to the bar and ordered myself three shots because why not. The first one gave me a rush and the second one felt like a burning sensation then the third one felt like nothing. I was drunk for sure, now. Were only like 10 minutes in too, what a shame.I felt someone behind me but I didn't care, I was zoning. 

The person that I thought was behind me whispered something in my ear but I couldn't understand so I shook my head no.Then in seconds the person took me by the wrist and took me on the dance floor. I started walking away when they took me and pulled me outside When I looked up I saw dark green eyes that belonged to a man in his 30s or so. I started to scream when he covered my mouth and kicked me, I started swinging my hands then he lifted his hand so I closed my eyes waiting for the impact. It never came I opened me eyes to see Harry on top of the guy beating him up. I was so scared, I ran to him to pull him off because if he hit the guy one more time it would probably kill the man.

"Harry stop please" I begged.

He threw one last punch to the guys gut and then stood up, and ran. 

I was left alone in the alley of the club, I quickly ran to the front only to find no Harry. So I called a Taxi and went home. 

I face planted on my bed and noticed the window was open and I didn't leave it like that when I left so that means there is or was someone in the house.

I saw a black figure come out of my closet and I started screaming.

"Shhhh It's only me" the person said.






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