It's both a blessing and a curse ,
To feel,
Everything so very deeply


2. After party

Harlem's pov 

I woke up with a killer headache, in a random bed. Wait they had posters of Nirvana and All time low, that's when i realized whose this room belongs to. It was Harry's. A shiver ran through me as I remember what happened, he hurt me, why'd he take me to his house though? I got up noticing I was in Harry's shirt and sweats which means he changed me. I saw my clothes in the corner I went to grab them, when i noticed they were soaked in blood, my blood. I grabbed them ran down the stairs to the door but Harry was sitting right next two it like he was guarding it or he just had a feeling I was going to run from him. He looked up, his eyes filled with sadness and regret, they weren't like last nights black ones. He came running towards me I flinched away , he hugged me.

"Harlem"? he said.

"What"? I responded

"I'm sorry".

Was he serious?

"Shut up"I said.

"Wtf I just apologized" he said.

"You just didn't want to feel guilty" i said walking out the door.

When i got home no one was home, I was use to it though, my moms always on a business trip with my dad doing whatever they do.

I checked my phone 40 miscalls from Jenna, 25 miscalls from Harry, 210 messages from Jenna and 180 from Harry. 

I called Jenna and told her I was okay and explained what happened, and now shes coming over. Harry texted me sorry 210 times, loser.

Jenna walked right in and started freaking out, but then she left because I fell asleep.

I woke up two a knock on the door, a really loud one.

 I opened it to see the guy I've been best friends since I was born but then he moved away. 

It was.....


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