Meeting 5SOS in Australia


1. Plane Ride

I looked out the large window of the private jet and thought "Why me? Out of 1 in a million people, 5sos picked me to come on their world tour with them". I looked over at McKenna (my best friend) and she was staring at a picture of Ashton Irwin. "I can't believe I get to meet that clump of cuteness!" McKenna screamed. "SHHH!"the caption said. "Yesh" I said. I thought about how it is actually going to be like. Are they gonna like me? Or are they going to think I'm a weirdo? Oh well. I will still love them. "Hello, this is the caption speaking. We will land in 2 minutes so grab your bags and get ready to face the outback!" I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

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