Not Telling |M.C|

"Michael. Don't do tha-" I say as he kisses me.
"But why, baby?"
"You have a girlfriend, dickshit."


2. [1]

 I roll out of bed, landing on the floor like every morning. I land with a thud.

uGGh. Another day of school. Yayy.

I'm in grade 12, so I'll be glad when this hell is over.


Anyways, I'm Drew, Drew Singer. Yes that is my last name and I hate it because, no one believes me when I tell them my last name. I don't understand why, though.



I start to get dressed. I put on a 5SOS shirt, skinny jeans, and all black Converse. I'm not "scene", obviously. So, don't worry.

I hear my mom yell my name down stairs so, I finish my hair and run down there. Crap. I have 10 Minutes until school starts. I rush to my car and put the key in the ignition. I basically sped to school and was there within 5 minutes. Phew. 

I walk into school and was immediately greeted by my best friend, Musyc.

Weird name, I know. But I still love her.

She basically screams at me for being a tad bit late. Sheesh. 

"DReW!" She shouts. 


"You were almost late and also, you did not text me goodmorning."

"Whatever. Let's go."






chapter 1

btw, if you were wondering, Drew is 17 and almost 18 :)

ty, my lovelies <333







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