A book of zodiacs


11. when the signs have a crush


Aries: "What are feelings and why do I have them?" 

 Taurus:  Hopes they have the same taste in music and food

 Gemini: "I love them, I love them not..." 

 Cancer: "I can already envision our house and kids to be honest" 

 Leo: "They have to like me more than I like them"

 Virgo: Mentally replays every encounter they've had so far

 Libra: Can't decide whether to make the first move or just chill

 Scorpio: Plays it cool on the outside, freaks out on the inside

 Sagittarius: Obsesses for a while and then gets distracted

 Capricorn: Rationalizes whether or not it's realistic to have a crush

 Aquarius: Finds a way to befriend their crush, then makes a move

 Pisces: Probably the sign to have the naughtiest dreams

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