A book of zodiacs


19. the signs in high school


Aries: the jock that's chillin with no makeup on

 Taurus: the person that saves your fucking life before class cause they let you copy their homework

 Gemini: the girl who is known for partying all the time

 Cancer: the emo kid who has great taste in music


 Virgo: the stoner who aces all their tests and lets you borrow their notes, the real MVP

 Libra: the sweetheart that's friends with everyone and always shows up to class five minutes late with starbucks

 Scorpio: the kid in the back of the class who you thought was a vampire but nah, turns out they just like to drink blood

 Sagittarius: the one kid that's always either smoking cigs in the parking lot or drinking and doesn't give a fuck 

 Capricorn: top of their class and and secretly wants to kill everyone cause they're idiots

 Aquarius: the hipster that doesn't even know they are hipster, they just doing their own thing fam

 Pisces: the one the teacher always calls on to see if they're paying attention, surprise, they weren't

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