A book of zodiacs


41. the signs as essential school supplies


 Aries: large textbooks. to smack stupid people with

 Taurus: fuckboy repellent spray

 Gemini: phone and charger

 Cancer: those 64 pack of crayons with the built in sharpener. those with the 12 pack want to be you

 Leo: a box of kleenex to wipe away your tears. trust me you will need them

 Virgo: pain relievers for those awful headaches you will most inevitably get

 Libra: colorful pens. not that blue and black shit

 Scorpio: a shopping cart full of gum 

 Sagittarius: a water bottle filled with vodka

 Capricorn: a scissor so you can cut bithes

 Aquarius: earbuds, you can't go to school without them

 Pisces: a pillow for nap time in the middle of class

 i was starving so i ate all of my lunch in p.e. and now i have no food left 

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