A book of zodiacs


48. the expectation vs reality of each sign


 Aries: stuck up // actually down to earth

 Taurus: trustworthy // actually has tons of blackmail willing to use against you hahah

 Gemini: shy in class // actually one of the loudest and most fun you will ever meet

 Cancer: bitch // actually is really sweet and will cook for you

 Leo: conceited and popular // actually insecure and hates most people

 Virgo: overly critical of others // actually has no intention of hurting people and is just really honest

 Libra: happiest person you will meet // actually is really sad

 Scorpio: really cool // actually still cool but a little awkward 

 Sagittarius: unsympathetic // actually cares a whole lot although they might not show it 

 Capricorn: way too serious // actually is super crazy once you get to know them

 Aquarius: difficult at maintaining friendships // actually the other person's fault for the end of the relationship 

 Pisces: super shy and sweet // actually will fucking turn into an ape 


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