A book of zodiacs


47. signs in the morning


 Aries: *wakes up before anyone else* 

 Taurus: if you talk to them, they only respond with grunts

 Gemini: *sets twelve alarm clocks and still wakes up late* 

 Cancer: *makes tea* 

 Leo: *gets dressed first* 

 Virgo: *groaning for an eternity* 

 Libra: *watches the morning news like a responsible person* 

 Scorpio: *avoids human contact* 

 Sagittarius: *lays in bed for an hour on their phone before actually getting up* 

 Capricorn: "don't talk to me until I've had my morning coffee. 

 Aquarius: super talkative. wants to know how everyone slept. 

 Pisces: *walks around the house wrapped in their blankets* 


 mine is so accurate xD (pisces) but i relate to sagittarius too 

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