A book of zodiacs


46. love advice for the signs


 Aries: stop biting off more than you can chew, you're going to choke. 

 Taurus: they're not an indulgence or temptation, they're a person

 Gemini: other people's feelings are not a game - stop playing. 

 Cancer: you don't have to smother them, they understand

 Leo: you're not the only person who has something to say. 

 Virgo: love doesn't need to be anything but love, let it be. 

 Libra: some things should be be kept quiet and sacred, don't ruin it. 

 Scorpio: stop trying to claim and own other human beings. 

 Sagittarius: recognize that when you leave, you take their hearts with you. 

 Capricorn: your "personal space" doesn't have to be so lonely. 

 Aquarius: your feelings matter to them so they should matter to you. 

 Pisces: figure out what love is before you say you're in it. 

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