A book of zodiacs


14. how the signs act when they're angry


Aries: Sudden outburst of anger, very explosive and needs space

 Taurus:  Gives you the cold shoulder for a very long time, stubborn, temperamental, unforgiving

 Gemini: Either very expressive or completely quiet, throws things, silent treatment 

 Cancer: Very moody and upset at first, then closed off, passive-agressive 

 Leo: Bad temper, complete and utter rage, says mean things to break your confidence

 Virgo: Suppresses anger until they can't hold it in any more, massive outburst of emotions

 Libra: Tries to drown anger and feelings, they hate wasting energy on being angry and try to get over it on their own 

 Scorpio: Very defensive and cold, uncommunicative, critical and sarcastic comments 

 Sagittarius: Very harsh remarks, will discuss it with you but probably attack you a lot their anger goes over quickly and they don'y hold grudges 

 Capricorn: Unforgiving, won't tell you they're angry but they will try to bring you down in other ways, stops talking to you

 Aquarius: Their anger keeps building up with time, unsympathetic, ignores you, or tells you straight out they're angry and gets over it quickly 

 Pisces: Wants to talk about it or not at all, not easily heated but very emotional and disappointed, let down

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