3. Exessive exercise

They call her dillusional, for she cannot stop running in gym. She counts 10 laps, and then 10 again. They call her dillusional, the voices in her head, telling her she is being judged again, just like eating a piece of bread. She's faint, she's weak. Yet she still doesn't weep. She tells herself to stay strong, keep going.and maybe one day they will be the ones sowing. She can't see for a couple of seconds, as she almost faints against a wall. Her eyes were blacked out with sadness, and she was about to fall. Sweet girl don't you know, that anorexia Will always say no. To food and even water. And heels will make you taller. 

They call her dillusional, for she cannot stop doing crunches. She lyes on the gym floor, sliding her fingers down her rib cages. 

They call her dillusional, have they figured it out yet? That all of this is for them, and heavens sake.

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