To Be Emo xD

Bullied, Beaten and unloved. Basically my life. No friends, having everyone hate you. being different.
There has only been one person that has ever been there me, Andy Biersack.


3. Home

Home. What a comforting word, well, unless you live like Jake and I.

You see, we have moved around so often I have forgotten where this first started. It seems crazy, to not remember where your most damaging memories came from. But I guess if your anything like us, it would be normal.

I squeeze my way through a hole in the wall, making my way inside. It's not much, what we have. But it gets us through until we move again.

I walk through the somewhat abandoned building, treding on broken glass and rubble. My black combat boots preventing shards of glass slicing through my feet.

The building we have temporary placed ourselves in is an abandoned wearhouse. About 5 or so years ago it caught fire, and no one has touched it since.

We have devided the huge building into four sections. The first section being for food storage and relaxing. The second holds our temporary beds, and sleeping equipment. Our third is our bathrooms and washrooms. And finally our 'gear' as we call it.

Our Gear is a range of stuff that we have gathered ready for, well, just about anything. We mainly use it for stuff like pranks, or distractions if we need to make a run for it.

I make my way over to our bedrooms, if you would call it that. It had the basics a mattress, a few blankets, our cloths, and other stuff like phone charger's.

I sit myself down on what I consider my bed. Placing the bag containing food on the floor. I look over at Jake as he gives me a weak smile.

'I have a surprise for you,' He smirks. 'I'm heading out to the club tonight, I thought you might want to come with me, so I had this made up for you.' From his pocket he pulled out a Fake ID.

'You know I love you right?' I smirked back at him.

'Yeah.' He ruffles my hair. 'Go get ready.' He laughs.


'Just remember if we get caught, run without me. Don't let them catch you, I'll get out.' He chuckles.

'You know, no matter how many times you tell me that I'm still not going to do it right?' I innocently look up at Jake. He growls and looks down at me.

'I'm not joking Jay.' His eyes filled with pure anger.

'Neither am I.' I continue to look him in the eye, he gives in and smiles. I smile back taking in how he is dressed tonight.

Jake is wearing a black leather jacket, a dark red Pierce The Veil tee, with his black jeans and silver chains. With his black combat boots.

Me on the other hand am wearing something I'd never though I would wear. A black crop top with a few silver patterns across my chest, my black skinny jeans also with silver chains and my black combat boots. My crop top shows off most of my stomach making me anxious.

I'm wearing simple makeup, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and mascara. And my hair has been straightened.

We walk in making sure to flash our ID's at Security. It was packed, the music was loud and the stench of alcohol was at its strongest.

I have been drunk before, in fact my first taste of alcohol went so well I had to go to rehab to stop me from drinking everyday. But that was back when I was in foster care.

We made our way up to the bar and ordered 12 shots. Jake an I downed 6 each before he was pulled away by some pretty red head, leaving me on my own.

I Downed one more drink before deciding to make the most of tonight and you head out to the dance floor. I'm never into the music they play on the radio. So most clubs I would hate, but not this one.

This is a club for the Emo Freaks like me. Drown by Bring me the Horizon stated to play ad I started to sway my hips. I being caught up in the music didn't realize a strong grip grasps my waist.

I turn to face the supposed stranger but soon realize what a mistake I have made assuming he was a stranger.

For my gaze meets the beautiful eyes of Andy Biersack. He smiled at me causing me to melt in his arms.

'Hey beautiful.' His raspy voice quietly lingers in my ears.

'I think you have the wrong girl.' I manage not to slur.

'Oh? And why is that?' He nudges my neck with his nose.

'I'm not beautiful.' I look up into his deep lustful eyes. He smirks.

'Your right, your not beautiful. Your sexy.' He tightens his grip. A sober thinking me would continue to argue, but the drunk stupid me I am right now just giggled.

He kissed up my neck, occasionally nibbling on my weak spot.

We continue to grind for almost an hour before we decide to leave the club. His hand intertwine with mine, dragging me out of the club. I look around for my brother before deciding he is proberly too drunk, or getting knocked up.

Andy and I started walking as distant sirens blared. My heart sped up a little as they got closer.

Jake and I have a code to text each other if they hear cops or are running from them. I get my phone out and text Jake.

Me: Pigs.

Proberly not the best code to use but it will do. It isn't long before he texts back.

Jake: In club, Run I'll meet you home. XD

I put my phone back in my Pocket and turned to Andy.

'Andy-' I manage to say before being interrupted.

'Hey You!!! Stop!!' A cop screamed at me. Andy looked at me blankly.

I mouthed sorry before I started running. Andy ran at the same pace as me.

'When can I see you again?' He puffed.

'When I stop running from the law.' I shoot him a wink before jumping a fence.

I feel guilty for saying that to him. Knowing the only times I would stop running from the cops are if I die, or get caught.

Besides he was proberly drunk, he won't even remember me when tomorrow comes. Adding in the fact that he is Andy Biersack, he has other things to worry about then seeing me again.

I continue to run, constantly checking if I'm being followed. Each time I check, nothing. No one is following me. I have ran a few blocks by now.

I slow down coming to a stop in an ally. I'm puffed, out of breath. I slowly walk backwards, I don't know why.

My back hits something, a slow hot breath on my neck. Hands grasping my waist firmly. I bite my lip, holding in a gasp.

I stiffen with fear. My breaths slow and deep. He chuckles slowly.

'your running from the cops?' Andy's Low tone and hot breath causing me to shiver.

I sigh with relife my breath becomes normal and my mussels relax.

'Y-yeah.' I stutter.

'Thats hot.' He kisses the side of my neck, nibbling and pulling a little at my sensitive skin. I Bite my lip holding in a moan.

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