To Be Emo xD

Bullied, Beaten and unloved. Basically my life. No friends, having everyone hate you. being different.
There has only been one person that has ever been there me, Andy Biersack.


1. Bullied


Cc's POV


I make my way through the crowed halls, slipping my hood over my head and covering my hands with my sleeves. I groan as my back hits a wall with a slam. My head spinning. 

Everyone laughs as tears escape my eyes, My eyeliner running down my face. 

This is just the usual day at school for me, getting thrown around, laughed at. At home its worst, Mum and Dad left, gone, out of our lives forever. No one knows where they are. 

I say we, as in my big brother Jake and I. 

Life is tough for us. I mean as though we aren't normal teenagers. 

You might of heard about teenage run aways. Well, forget everything you know about it. 

We are infact running, but not from our selfs, or parents, but infact the Law. 

You will understand why shortly. Let me explain myself first. 

Im only 16 years of age. My brother 19. 

I have long black hair with blue, purple and hot pink streaks. My brother, short black hair, with a fringe longer then mine. 

I wear black eyeliner around my deep blue eyes, along with mascara, black eyeshadow, and a dark eyebrow pencil. 

My brother only wears a little eyeliner, just like me over his deep blue eyes. 

Now i would explain where about we live, but seeing as we are running for the law, I have to keep that secret. 

Thi cannot get out, our location is unknown and has to be kept that way. 

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