The Taste of Your Lips is So Divine

With these, our lips, we intertwine.
From one touch we are bound.
The taste of you lips is so divine.
I dare not utter a sound.
(A Series of Snapchat Drabbles Based off of Min Yoongi and his lovely lips)


3. Wish u were here

She drummed her fingers on her thighs as she waited for the subway to reach her stop. Her alarm clock hadn't gone off this morning and she ended up missing her normal 8:15. But she liked being early to work so that meant she was probably going to make it, if just on time. but she was anxious none the less.

Suddenly, her phone went off in her lap and she flipped it over to glanced at the screen. Warmth spread through her chest when she saw who it was and she quickly unlocked her phone. 

wish u were here

The boys were overseas at the moment doing another photoshoot on a tropical island. After his selfie, Yoongi had sent her pictures of the beautiful dreamlike island. It seemed like it was amazing. 

She got an alert from kakao and opened up the app.

Yoongi: lets come here 2gether sometimes

Yoongi: just the 2 of us

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