The Taste of Your Lips is So Divine

With these, our lips, we intertwine.
From one touch we are bound.
The taste of you lips is so divine.
I dare not utter a sound.
(A Series of Snapchat Drabbles Based off of Min Yoongi and his lovely lips)


4. see u soon babe

She drummed her hands on her thigh, waiting impatiently. Yoongi's plane was suppose to have landed half an hour but it had been delayed. There had been problems with the engine and all the passengers had to get off and board a different plane. While she was glad that they handled the situation well and made sure they flew safely, it had been almost half a year since she and Yoongi had last been together. 

In between her studying overseas and his work with BTS, it almost impossible to spend a lot of time together. 

At time, she even forgot why she loved him.

Long distance relationships were hard. You went to bed every night without them and went weeks and months without their touch. And just talking with each other was hard work. You had to arrange times you were both free to video chat or sent a text that might not be seen for hours. It was easy to forget what made the relationship feel so good and easy when just saying I love you was so much work.

Her phone vibrated and she quickly unlocked it.

See u soon babe

She quickly looked up and glanced around the terminal. Any minute now she was going to see her Yoongi.

All of a sudden, strong, warm arms wrapped around her waist and someone rested their chin on her shoulder.

"Guess who?" A familiar, beautiful voice asked her.

"Yoongi!" She whirled around and wrapped her arms around him. Burying her face into his chest, she let herself enjoy the feeling of him in her arms and no screens between them. 

Yoongi pulled away from her and pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead before smiling down at her.

"I'm home."

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