The Taste of Your Lips is So Divine

With these, our lips, we intertwine.
From one touch we are bound.
The taste of you lips is so divine.
I dare not utter a sound.
(A Series of Snapchat Drabbles Based off of Min Yoongi and his lovely lips)


2. I miss u

The cafe was filled with people rushing around to get their coffee and scones before rushing to work. The aroma of freshly ground beans and baked goods filled the air, making it feels like a home away from home. All of the seats were plush chairs and couches so comfortable that it made you want to sink into them and never resurface.

On days when Yoongi was traveling overseas and the apartment grew so quiet it was unnerving, she liked to come to cafe to get her work done. With the bustle of the people coming and going with their caffeine fixes, there was always a buzz of people and she never felt lonely. 

As Yoongi grew more and more well known in the hip hop scene and spend a lot of time working in LA, she became an on and off regular. The staff knew her by name now and got her order ready for her before she had even reached the front of the line. They didn't know who her boyfriend was but they knew he traveled often and that's when she'd come to the cafe. They were always very nice to her and it was almost like a found family.

When she sat down with her usual mocha and muffin, her phone buzzed and a notification that Yoongi had sent her a snapchat popped up the screen. She fumbled around with her phone, almost knocking her drink over in her hast to open it.

I miss u

Her heart almost melted and a blush colored her cheeks.

They had been together for years now, but he still made her jittery like it was her first love.

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