I Love you Bestfriend


1. 1.

Chapter 1.

I watched out my window as the plane landed and my best friend Shane walker woke up from his slumber. The 12th grade howled when we landed finally landing in Paris,France. Shane leaned on me still tired. As we walked of the plane our teacher Ms.haine counted us and took us to a bus that was filled with seats.

My friend Amy ran up to me her blond hair bouncing.

"So,how did you feel during the flight" she asked me

"Tired" me and Shane answered

"How did you feel?" Shane asked Amy

"Good" she said shy. Amy has had a big crush on Shane. But so do I. I haven't told her or anyone.

We filed on the bus. Everyone's faces looked tired. Shane was by the window I was in the middle and Amy was on the side.

We arrived at a hotel and we got our rooms 2 people same gender in one room. Me and Amy shared a room.When we walked in our room we flopped down on the beds. After a little while Amy gave me a serious face.

"Is it okay if I dated Shane?" She asked

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