One Shots

Anything I write that is one ship in one chapter from being bored or requests.


7. .:No Title:Smut:.

For Daniel- he asked me to write a smut for him

Her laughter filled my ears. It was sweet and bright. Hearing it left a ring in my ears and a pierce in my heart. Love is amazing. "Babe..." Her voice was like honey. It was mesmerizing. My eyes trailed down to the girl on my lap. Her eyes looked at her stomach, ignoring my gaze, although she knew I was looking. Finally, her gaze lifted up to my eyes and she continued. "Do you think you're ready to take it a step further?" She sat up onto my lap and her blue eyes pierced my gray ones. I nodded and kissed her, reassuring her not to worry.


"Can you believe it?!" My voice cracked a bit from crying for hours and my throat burned from the alcohol I was drinking. "I know, I know. Take it easy with the alcohol. You know you get bad hangovers." Jessie, my best friend who was more of a brother, patted me on the back to calm me down. My girlfriend of a year and two months had just dumped me only hours before. She even did it through text. "But come on man. She was the only girl I actually loved and she took my virginity. How can I not be mad and angry?!" My throat burned more as my voice got louder. "Look, let's go out tonight. Me, you, and the gang. You up for it?" I nodded meekly. Jessie could make anyone feel better.


I never realized how easy it was to go out, get drunk, hang out with a girl, and forget the one who made you come here in the first place. I mean, getting in a girls pants is easy. Jessie and Mike did it tons of times. I guess it was my turn. So far things were going good. Her small petite body sat on my lap, my hands snaked around her waist, and whispering dirty things into her ear. My ex never would have let me do this to her. But this girl didn't seem to mind. In fact, she liked it. I could tell because her breathing hitched and her icy blue eyes turned dark with lust. "Let's go to my place. It's just down the block."

Her voice ran through my ears and down my body. It rushed blood to my member just thinking about the things we'd do. I nodded eagerly. I'd never had dirty sex before. My ex and I only had soft sex. Before I knew it we were in her room and taking each others clothes off. Her skin was so smooth.

As this being my first time having dirty sex I won't do as many bad things as what was going through my head. She dropped to her knees below me and took my member in her hand. Her hand was so small it didn't even fit around my whole girth. She slowly licked up and down my slit causing me to close my eyes and grab her hair. If I can't take this pleasure how can I last the night?

Her tongue swirled around my head before sucking on the tip. She slowly took my member in her mouth but before reaching the halfway mark she'd go back to the tip and lick my slit like before. She did this a few times but I got tired of it and grabbed her hair tightly before shoving my whole member in her mouth. She choked a bit but tried to please me. Even though I blocked her airways she did her best to suck me.

I was so close to cumming but I lifted her head off and said "Daddy." She looked a bit confused but I replied with "Just so you know what to scream." Her face turned pink making me smirk at her. I grabbed her hips tightly and kissed her roughly before trailing down to her neck and searching for her sweet spot. When I found it her body jerked forward which made me laugh at how cute it was. I sucked harder making a red spot appear and heard a soft mewl come from her lips.

Let's just say that that night was pretty fun and to dirty to put into words. She screamed Daddy and I called her a slut. When I woke up in her bed next to her I saw how cute she was and brushed her hair out of her face. I got up and got dressed but before I left I wrote my number down and put it on her dresser then kissed her forehead.

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