One Shots

Anything I write that is one ship in one chapter from being bored or requests.


8. .:Bad Boys and Jocks|Stan:.

Daniel, who likes to be called Dan, is a jock who's had his eye on a certain bad boy. Steven was a stereotypical bad boy who also had his sights on a certain jock, but never showed it as badly as Dan did.

| | |

Walking out of the house after another lecture about my grades from my mother, as if she even deserved that title, I went to check the mail seeing I got a letter. I never got letters and it was a shock to me. A big one at that. Quickly as I could I ran into the house, dropping the mail on the counter, and up stairs to my bedroom.

My fingers trembled as I took my pocket knife and cut open a slit at the top to get the letter out. When the paper was in my hands I saw that it really wasn't that big of a deal anyway. I sighed and crumbled it up then throwing it in the trash. Just a lame party that everyone's invited to. A bunch of preppy people will be there while I'm in the corner sulking alone.

'I just hope mom won't find it.' Those were the last words that ran threw my mind as I hopped on my bed and fell asleep. Turns out that 'I just hope mom won't find it' were famous last words as I was shook awake. When my vision cleared I saw my mother with a smile on her face and that crumbled paper I threw away earlier.

"Steven. You got invited to a party? You should go. You need better friends then those hoods."

"But mom!" She interrupted me before I could finish and said "No buts. You're going." No matter how hard I refused she made me go.

I wore a white shirt covered by a hoodie that was covered by my leather jacket , blue jeans and. black vans. My hair is black and my eyes are sort of blueish grayish. I put on a beanie and then my hood to my hoodie.

It was boring and I stayed outside most of the time lighting cigarettes. The thing I didn't expect was when one of the jocks came and sat by me. And it was Daniel. "Hey Steven." His voice was nice but I didn't reply. "You do know that you could did front those." I groaned a bit before replying "Yeah, so what? Maybe I want to." My voice was cold and sharp.

I turned my head and met his eyes. His hand took the cigarette from me and he put it in his mouth. "Sorry..." Wow was he always like this? If so, I never noticed. Did he always get flustered and say sorry? I took the cigarette back and smashed it on the ground. I got up to walk away but he grabbed my sleeve and pulled me onto his lap before kissing me softly. My face turned extremely red. "Mine." Was all he said before kissing me again. Did he mean me? Was I his? "You're mine." Well, that answers my question.

A soft laugh came from my lips and I smiled, like, really smiled.

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