What happens when Shayla meets her child's father again? and her child is with her.


8. 8

*present day*


I gulp after telling Louis the whole story and he looked at Harry like he was gonna kill him. I grabbed his hand and said "It's in the past Lou. Just let it go." His look softens and he says "Ok. Just because you and Cole are here." I sigh and buried my face in my hands and feel a small hand grab my hand and pull it from my face. I look up and see Cole smile at me and put my hand in Harry's and say "Mummy, your hand goes here not on your face." I smile and brush Cole's hair out of his face and say "I knew I had a cute little boy on my hands." Harry chuckles and laces his fingers with mine. I look up at him and see him smile and me. I look back at Cole and hear him say "Can daddy and Uncle Lou come over and see my room and all my toys?" I take my hand away from Harry and see his smile drop into a frown and I say "You have to ask daddy and Uncle Lou that babe." Louis nods and Harry says "If it's ok with your mum." I nod and get up and grab Cole's things and watched him jump out of his seat and grab my hand. I look at Louis and say "I'll text you the address or you can follow me." Louis gets up along with Harry and says "We'll follow you." I nod and walk out of the cafe and walk to my car and put Cole in and give him his coloring book and crayons then I get into the drivers seat and start the car and put on Water by Pentatonix and drive home with Harry and Louis following me.


A/N: sorry I'm obsessing over Pentatonix. They are so good. All the love, ~Jean 

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