What happens when Shayla meets her child's father again? and her child is with her.


7. 7

A/N: Ok this is the last chapter tonight. I've been spoiling y'all so much. All the Love ~Jean


*Shayla's POV*


I sigh as I watch Harry talking to Cole while they eat pancakes. I feel Louis wrap his arm around my shoulders and say "What's wrong sis?" I sigh again and say "Nothing. I just kind of regret not letting him talk to me or Cole these past few years but he did kind of deserve it." Harry looked up at me and smiled then back down at the coloring book and helps Cole color some more. Louis turned my head towards him and says "What did he do?"




Me and Harry were together for a couple months now and I just found out I was pregnant yesterday but I haven't told him yet. I just got home from watching my little nephew at my sister's house and I was searching for my keys in my pocket. I found them and unlocked the door and walked and shut the door and yelled "I'm home Harry!" Me and him shared a flat together. I heard talking upstairs so I went up there and opened our bedroom door and saw him on top of a blonde chick. I gasped and ran out. Tears were running down my face and I locked myself in the guest bedroom and slid down the door and pulled my knees up to my chest and buried my face in my knees and heard Harry banging on the door yelling "Shay! Please! Open the door! I messed up!" I hit the door and yell "Yeah! Twice!" "Please just open the door and let me explain!" I get up and punch the door and yells "That could've been your face!" I hear him sigh and walk away. I stay in the room for a couple hours then I finally come out and go in our room and luckily they ain't they so I grab a suitcase and pack all my clothes and important stuff in a bag and run out the front door. I get in my car and drive to my sister's house with tears falling down my cheeks.

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