What happens when Shayla meets her child's father again? and her child is with her.


6. 6

*Harry's POV*


I woke up and heard Louis talking on the phone to someone. I don't know who it is and I don't care. I got up and walked over to the couch in the hotel room and plopped down on it and flipped through the channels and landed on a football game. Louis came running over and yanked the tv remote out of my hands. "Hey!" I yelled and tried to reach for it. "Stop Styles. I have good news." I looked up at him. He lookedreally happy so it must be good news. "What?" I ask and put my feet on the table. "Shay just called and said that we can meet her and Cole at the cafe for breakfast!" I shrugged then replayed what he said. He said Shay. And Cole. I looked up at him again from looking at the tv screen and said "Shay? As in Shayla Tomlinson?" He nods and I jump up and almost knock him over running to my suitcase looking for something to wear. I decide on a pair of black ripped skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. I put on my brown boots and grabbed my phone and car keys and said "You ready yet Lou?" He comes running over and pushes me out the way and starts yelling "OFF TO SEE MY SISTER!! THE WONDERFUL SISTER OF OZ!!" I roll my eyes and run after him.


We walk into the cafe wearing sunglasses and beanies. I look around the cafe and see Shay sitting in the back with a little boy with a head full of curls. Louis smiles and grabs my arm and drag me to their table. Shay looks up and looks at us with confusion. We take of our sunglasses and she smiles. The little boy turns around and looks at Louis and says "Uncle Louis!" He jumps up and jumps into his arms. I smile and Shay smiles at Louis and the kid. "Hey guys. This is Colton. Cole, you know Uncle Louis I guess and there's daddy." Cole looks at me and smiles big and says "He has my smiles mummy." She nods and says "Hug him baby." He jumps out of Louis' arm and into mine. He buries his face in my neck and says "I love you daddy." My heart melts and I hug him tightly, but not too tight, and say "I love you too bud."

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