What happens when Shayla meets her child's father again? and her child is with her.


5. 5

a picture of the lock screen will be at the end of this chapter


*Shayla's POV*


I looked at the tv in shock. He still had his lock screen set as a picture of me. Maybe he still loved me.. no. He wouldn't have cheated on me with that slut... 2 times. I shake my head and see Colton freeze the tv screen and get up and walk up to it and put his hand on Louis' face. He looked back at me and said "Uncle Louis?" I nod and he puts his other hand on Harry's face. I kissed Harry's face and Louis' then comes back in bed and says "When can I see daddy?" I sigh and say "I can call Uncle Louis if you want met to tomorrow." He nods sleepily and curls up under the blankets and falls asleep. I sigh and slowly fall asleep.

~Next Morning~

I get up and see Cole still asleep in my bed. I smile and get up and go into the kitchen and start making some pancakes. I grab my phone and look at Louis' contact and gulp before I press his name and hear it ringing. Louis answered and sounded like he just woke up "Hello?" I release a shaky breath and say "Hey Louis." I hear him cough and hear him say "Shay?" "Yeah." I flip the pancakes and say "Cole turned on the tv last night. It was on your guys' interview. He wanted to see his Uncle Louis and dad." He sounded happy and said "So he knows that Harry is his dad? and that I'm his uncle?" "Yeah. He found out yesterday. He asked me yesterday and gave me the puppy dog face and I couldn't keep it any longer." He chuckles and says "When do want to meet up?" I think for a second and realize that Burned the pancakes and mumbled "Shit." under my breathe. Louis said "What? What happened?" "I chuckle and say "Oh nothing. I just burned the pancakes." He laughs and says "Why don't we meet up at the cafe since we are in the same place." "Sure. See you then. Bye." I hang up and throw away the pancakes.

Cole walks in with a teddy bear in his handd. He rubs his eyes and says "Who was that mummy?" I kneel down to his height and said "I was talking to Uncle Louis. We are going to meet him and daddy at the cafe for breakfast." I jumps up and down in excitement and yells "I'm going to go get dressed!!" I laugh and watch him run into his room.



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