What happens when Shayla meets her child's father again? and her child is with her.


4. 4

*present day*


I open the folder and see a lot of pictures of me and Harry when we were dating. After I forgave him for cheating on me the first time we dated. I sigh and look at a black and white photo of me and Harry sitting at the beach, resting our foreheads on each others and our fingers intertwined. I smile and set it down on the bed and look at the others and hear Colton say "Mummy, I can't sleep. Can I sleep in here with you?" I nod and he climbs into bed and picks up the picture of me and Harry on the beach and says "Is that daddy?" I sigh and nod saying "Yeah baby. That's daddy." He grabs the tv remote and flips through the channels until he lands on one and points at a curly head boy and says "Daddy?"


*Harry's POV*


I twist my necklace between my fingers and think of Shayla. I wonder if she still has this necklace. I've never took it off since the day she left. I sigh and look at my phone and look at her picture I have set as my lock screen. We were in the middle of an interview so the interviewer said "What are you looking at Harry?" I shake out of my trance and say "Oh, nothing." He takes my phone and looks at it and says "Ohhh. It looks like you have a picture of a very pretty young lady." I gulp when he shows it to the camera and says "Who is this beautiful lady you have on your phone?" I rub the back of my neck and say "It's one of my ex-girlfriends." He raises an eyebrow and says "Why did you break up with her?" I look down at my lap and say "I screwed up. So she left. She talked to me one time after that but only over facetime confirming that our relationship was over. And she told me something I would never forget."

"What is it?" I gulp and feel tears come to my eyes. "She said she was... pregnant." I looked up and Louis looked at me and said "I'm even her brother and she won't let me see him. I only saw him when he was born. He was tiny." I looked up and said "It's a boy?" He nodded and I said "Do you know his name?" He shook his head and said "Sorry lad." I sighed and looked down at my lap. 

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