It is currently the year of 2050. The age of technology. This being said, advanced technology has allowed scientists to create life-like creatures called "hounds" that have spawned from labs throughout the world. No one knows what the purpose of creating these creatures was, however the only thing that is clear is that the hounds feed on human flesh. The hounds eventually spread to major cities where two young teenagers who knew each other well in elementary school and middle school live. They had to go their separate paths for high school, still keeping in touch through text, only now they meet again in person, this time on a journey to survive and stop the spawning of the hounds.


3. Relationships

  It has been three weeks since our little ¨family¨, so to speak, of three left on the run to find some place safe. We were almost out of California, heading east towards Nevada. Apparently Takeshi had someone in Las Vegas we could stay with for a bit before picking up and leaving again. Where to? No idea. In fact, I was a bit scared to see how Vegas was doing with Hounds on the loose. However, my worries washed away as I looked up at the beautiful night sky full of lights and the streets still surprisingly full of people.

  ¨ Why are there still people carrying on with their lives and gambling and stuff? ¨ I asked Takeshi. He looked at me raising an eyebrow in question. ¨You don't know why? ¨ he said a bit too surprised. ¨ N..no...¨ I said embarrassed and a bit upset that he made me feel kind of stupid. He noticed me look down, trying not to look upset with him. He put an arm around me and hugged me tightly. ¨ Don't worry about it. In Vegas, people don't care. In this area there is a lot of security because of the casinos so they're taking care of the Hounds and stuff. ¨ he told me reassuringly. I felt my neck and cheeks become red with embarrassment and I pulled away from his reach, trying not to give him the message I hated it. I didn't. It was just a bit of an embarrassment since he never really used to hug me out of free will. In fact, I don't even recall us ever hugging at all. I wondered what happened between us. When he texted me he sounded just as blunt and grumpy as he used to be, but now that he's around me, he just seems a bit different. I decided to ask him what let him show his less grumpy side once he opened the fancy hotel room door and we set our things down.

  ¨ How'd you have enough money to get this place? ¨ I asked Takeshi. He smirked at me before answering ¨ My friend gave me the money for it.¨ I watched him in awe as he took my brother off my back and set him down in the huge down comforter, laying his blanket on him and setting his teddy bear down next to him. ¨ Since when did you get so...so....¨ I searched for words as he came to sit in front of me. ¨.......nice and caring? ¨ I said finally finding a word. He smirked again, asking me why it mattered. It didn't really. I was happy he was less moody. Maybe he found a girlfriend who showed him the brighter side. Then I realized he might have brought her along if he did have one, unless he cared about having me live more than his girlfriend. How did that make sense?

  " Did you have a girlfriend? ¨ I finally asked him.

  ¨ Yes. ¨

   ¨ Why didn't you bring her with? ¨ I asked before realizing that she might have died before he could get to her. I was right as I saw him nod his head at me, knowing what I was thinking. I felt bad for him, but at the same time, relieved. To be honest, I didn't want another woman coming along with us and making out with him constantly or touching my brother or stealing the attention from my big brother. Not that I wanted her to die, I never met her, I just didn't want to admit I was jealous. I hated jealousy.

  ¨ ......Why didn't you go save our other little family members like Malerie or James or-¨ I said before he interrupted me. ¨ They're all out in living in different areas, remember? Besides, I think they can handle it. ¨ I jumped up after he said that.

  ¨ What's that mean!? I can't handle surviving on my own? ¨

  ¨ Nope, and especially not with your brother. ¨ I knew he was right as I collapsed on the bed, looking up at the ceiling ¨ I'm taking a shower. ¨ I said sitting up, making sure to grab my clothes and a towel. ¨ Okay. ¨ he said laying down next to my brother. I smiled at how comfortable and cute they looked sleeping next to each other. ¨ We'll leave in a week depending on how bad the city gets....¨ he mumbled as I stepped into the bathroom.

  Ah, the feeling of showering and the cool water hitting your skin after you've skipped a few days, and in my case weeks. Considering I had hair that fell to my thighs, it took about two hours to thoroughly wash up. After all, I didn't know if I would see a shower again. I carefully slipped into some shorts and an extra long t-shirt that covered almost every part visible of my shorts and let my hair try in front of a portable fan I brought along so my computer wouldn't overheat. I came out to join the two little sleepy heads, but decided to crash on the other bed. I let myself sink into the bed sheets as my eyelids became heavy. I missed sleeping on a comfy bed. Just as I closed my eyes the silence was broken by Takeshi's voice. " I'll take you around Vegas tomorrow. This might be the last time we'll ever get some fun......"

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